Face Off by Ron Salamangkero

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If you think you’ve seen every possible version of torn and restored, think again.

We travelled over 6,700 miles to Manila in the Philippines to bring you the only torn card paradox we could never solve.

Around 2 years ago a video was submitted to us of a man taking 2 signed cards, tearing both and instantly restoring them as mismatched souvenirs that the spectator can examine and even keep.

That mysterious man was Ron Salamangkero... and his method was like nothing we could ever conceive in magic.

The best part is the moment the cards are torn… they are already restored, making this one of the easiest TnR's to perform. No palming of pieces.

- Zero Bad Angles
- Completely Examinable
- Nothing To Switch Or Ditch.

The torn pieces are placed in the spectators hands, only to emerge completely restored. All that remains is a frayed crease proving that the cards were once torn.

Gimmicks take minutes, but trust us, the memory this trick creates lasts a lifetime.

This is Face Off from Ron Salamangkero.

Download the secret TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Gee

    Nov 2018

    This is my first purchased on Ellusionist and I can say OMG this is amazing. What a brilliant idea from this man. This is way cheaper than the siameze waltz from penguin magic. Gimmick is a bit hard to make at first but if you get the technique then you can make a lot of gimmick with one deck. Though Ron teaches how to make the gimmick. Amazing.. This is worth the money. Highly recommend this product.
    Just a tip: Much easier to make the gimmick with a brand new card/deck

  • by Lucas

    Nov 2018

    This is one of the best tricks in my walk around routine right now. Easy to perform, powerful, a souvenir for the audiance! The method for creating the gimmick took a bit of practice, but believe me... it's worth every penny. At $20 this is a steal!

  • by Jason

    Oct 2018

    When I saw this trick preformed, I knew I had to have it. I just bought the trick today 10/30. I love it.!!!!While I normally only do sleights, this trick is great because no sleights needed,(I have already made my own variation(s) , and you give a souvenir to spectators afterwards, how awesome it that?? Prep for this trick will require some time. And not to give any secrets away, if you have problems with prep, with a little due diligence, you will get it. This trick is a steal at under 20 bucks. If I may share one of my variations, give the spectators different color sharpies to sign the cards. This will just superbly intensify this trick!!!! This trick gets my 4 Aces seal of approval .