Fair Trade by S Magic

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A beautiful transposition of a torn corner that happens in the spectator's hands.

Two spectators select a card each, one red and one blue. You then clearly and fairly tear the corner ALMOST off each card but still keep it attached.

Next you ask one of the spectators to hold on to their card and then... BOOM. In a flash the corners of each card visually transpose with each other. 

Comes with everything you need: 

    • Included:
    • Materials + special Gimmicks
    • Tutorial on how to build your own so you NEVER need refills.

    Leave them with a truly impossible souvenir. 

    Get Fair Trade TODAY. 

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    Customer Reviews

    • by John

      Jul 2017

      Don't get me wrong its a great trick. But you have to assemble everything so perfectly for it too look flawless. It's kind of a pain in the butt lol.

    • by Kyle

      Jan 2017

      This is honestly probably one of the best tricks on this website, i love it well worth it. Only real downside is you need to either talk over the move or be in loudish place