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  1. Summary

    These are fine. Good fun cardistry trainers. A little slippery and a little rushed as others have said. That said, the effect is cool, and the tutorial was helpful.
    Why two stars? Kinda feel robbed.. I paid "X" now they cost "y" and definitely not as eager to place orders for new product anymore.
    Retail Buyer,Manager and lackey... Don't bring it to market until you are 100% and don't blow it out so fast. Reputation is more important then clearing stock.
  2. Summary

    I have to agree with most of the reviews . It's such a great idea but the quality sucks and they could also work more on the design and quality of the charge case . If they ever decide to reproduce it in a better quality I would buy it instantly even if it cost 100$ . But right now it's not even worth 35$
  3. Mike

    Excellent learning opportunity to read and believe the reviews... I will start with the good: epic box (it is really quite nice), good online instruction at MagicStream (hence the overly generous two stars) - that's it for the good.

    The bad: the 'cards' are rough hewn rectangles of plastic with poorly adhered f'n stickers. That is correct what you get are stickers that in my experience immediately start to lift at the corners and are thin and strong enough to snag and tear at human skin. The other reviewers are also correct that the charge does not last long and it takes an extremely long time to charge.

    Really nice box though.
  4. Christopher

    I've been an Ellusionist customer for years. Hundreds of decks, dozens of tricks and downloads, I absolutely love your stuff. That is why it is hard for me to imagine how on Earth these things came from you.

    I love cardistry, and it was Ellusionist that got me into it. So these seemed like an awesome idea. What I got in the mail were poorly made plastic framework pieces of trash covered in stickers. Stickers that were put on wrong, and immediately started falling off after unboxing. The buttons are uneven on all the pieces, and they all work differently. Some are hair triggers while others you need to pound on.

    There are about 10 different ways that these could have been made better, and maybe future iterations will have those upgrades. It's just really disappointing for me to drop this much cash (LARGE price tag for something that I will literally never be able to use) for something that could be so d--- cool if it had been made with care and precision.

    Sorry, but if I could give this zero stars, I would.
  5. Summary

    The product feels EXTREMELY rushed, A+ for concept, D for Execution. I’m honestly very disappointed with the quality of this product from Ellusionst, I expected more from them. Every single card in my Green pack came peeling at at least one edge, stratches and scrapes all over them, and the LEDs do not fill out the card as much as they do in the videos, and the battery takes about 5 hours to charge and will hardly last about 20min of use. Apon holding and playing with them in the first 10 minuets I already had thought of several design changes that could have improved this product. I really wish I could give this a better rating, but I can’t, I was really ready to love this things, and while still kinda cool, they fall very short. These are not worth $99, I don’t think they are even worth the early bird kickstarter price I payed for them.
  6. Summary

    This is an amazing step forward for Cardistry. However, it feels like a very rushed one.

    You realize the potential LED trainers have, but the quality and the finishing is questionable.

    I had ordered a Blue and a Green set. One of the trainers won't light up as bright as the others. Another one has the pattern peeling off, and looks like it would expose the insides over the next few days.

    If a new batch is going to be manufactured, or if there ever is a V2, should consider giving the product the quality they deserve and not rush it.

    I give an "A" for the idea, "B+" for the effort, and a "B" for quality.
  7. Summary

    I like them.Got the green .Definitely going to get the blue.So then i will have Cyan.Thanks Ellusionist,for such a unique idea.