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There has always been one major drawback to building a flap card. Visible lines and thick creases down the centre of the card allow the spectator to spot the gimmick if they get too close.

Not anymore.

Hondo's ingenious method for seamless flap creation takes color changes to a whole new dimension. No harsh creases that can be spotted by your spectator.

Much more than a gimmick tutorial, this is a masterclass where Hondo shares his most intimate secrets to allow you to create any color change you've desired.

Change any playing card, into any playing card.

You'll learn:

- Card Splitting
- How to make Hondo's signature FLAP cards
- A genius locking system
- Triple change gimmicks.

Hondo is the worlds' leading authority on the creation of flap cards.

With about 3 hours of expert instruction, you'll learn how the Flap Gimmick has been single-handedly reinvented into a seamless device that holds up under close scrutiny.

This is something all magicians absolutely need. It's a revolution in card magic.

Available to Download INSTANTLY.

Learn the method NOW.

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  1. John

    My first purchased copy had no subtitles. This one does have them and they are really well done so all the small but very important points become clear. A very nice video and worth every penny.
  2. Sahil

    Hands down the best $20 I've ever spent....the method is genius and explained in the utmost detail possible...The only con is that the audio is Chinese but the subtitles are excellent....you get over 3 hours worth of videos which is more than you could ever bargain for...what are you waiting for...go for it!!
  3. Summary

    I love this video. I even learned a word in Chinese from it. The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because, at one point, there is 2 music tracks going on at once. It was so bad and distracting, that I had to mute it. Good thing there's subtitles. The instructions are clear, the cards are fun to make, and they're fun to use too.

    I highly recommend this.
  4. Summary

    Definitely FIVE STARS for this.
    The problem I keep encountering with these videos and tutorials is why aren't there detailed instructions for blanks?
    It's nice to talk about techniques that "would" be used for a blank flap card but (unless I missed it while watching this) never a tutorial to make one.
    If it's not possible to then cool, I've had failed attempt after attempt.
  5. Summary

    Really nice flap card indeed. He explain all details and techniques you need to know to make your own flap card. This tutorial can be applied to many styles of flap card tricks: Face, Back, Single, Double. Moreover, it can played with the box. Although he speak in Chinese, the subtitle is very clear. AWESOME!! Love it.
  6. Summary

    One word: Fantastic!
    I'm very happy with the product since he teaches how to make the cards perfectly, yet, if you buy all the products that he recommends you have to spend a lot on top. Priceless method nonetheless, very nice.
  7. Summary

    Very good product. Very in depth, but you will need to pick up a few things for this product. If you don't want to put effort into a gimmick, this is not for you. But if you want to build something this is the best flap card ever!
  8. Summary

    This is one awesome download. Three hours of instruction on making some of the most amazing gimmicks ever. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

    The construction requires skill, practice and patience... Just like anything magical should! If you're looking for something "easy" to make, this is not for you.

    You will need some craft supplies, some gaff cards and some Prym knit-in elastic... Same stuff you will need to make many other card gimmicks. I got most of the stuff I needed at Michael's but I had to order the knitting off of Amazon.

    The video is in Chinese, but the subtitles are excellent. In fact, being able to pause the video with the subtitles makes it easier to follow than a video in English without captioning... perhaps all instructional videos should have CC or subtitles???

    I highly recommend making all the gimmicks in the order presented in the videos. Hondo did a fantastic job making each succeeding gimmick increase in difficulty so that by the time you get to the really hard to make ones, your crafting skills have been honed to the task. Don't skip to the end! Start at the beginning, watch ALL the tutorials, then start over and make the gimmicks along with the video. You will be glad you did!

    My only wish is that Ellusionist sold a gimmick building kit that included the following: Elastic Knitting, Gaff Card Deck, New Card Deck, Glue stick, double stick tape, utility knife, red/blue fine tip pens and a small cutting mat.

    Hondo is truly a Wizard of the highest order. If you perform card magic, you want this video.

  9. Summary

    Great product if done right but it is extremely hard to make. I'm getting better at it but after 15 cards I have one that works perfect. There always seems to be one issue that can ruin the flap either being off my half a mm or getting the holes to line up perfectly to hide them. Also have issues with threading getting stuck due to a minuscule misalignment. Master class yes! Difficulty extreme!
  10. Summary

    really good method to make flap cards good. but the guy speaks Japanese so you have to read the subtitles