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The Ultimate Flash Paper Delivery System. 

Flash Ninja is an undetectable dispenser that delivers flash paper in a seamless and instant manner. Hidden discretely under your clothes, this utility is a must in ANY magician's arsenal of tools.

Flash Ninja introduces the v-fold system, a guaranteed method to produce the perfect amount of paper over and over again. Allowing for fiery productions, vanishes or anything you think needs a burst of heat.

Along with the device, you will be taught the foundations of ultimate flash paper handling, flash paper safety and some bonus productions.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing with FIRE. Order today.

Note: This product does not come with Flash Paper
If you don't already own flash paper then we HIGHLY recommend picking up some of our Flash Paper or Flash Pads today.

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  1. Nicholas

    After reading the only prior reviews saying Flash Ninja flailed as a utility device, i was hesitant to make the purchase. However, it went on sale from $29.95 down to $2.95... for that price, it was worth the experimen! I was hopeful the Flash Ninja would meet my needs. As a sideshow performer and a magician i use fire throughout my performances. I eat and breathe fire in the sideshow portion, and use ample flash paper during the magic part of my show. So seeing this product made me very happy, reading the reviews made me sad. But I bit the bullet and ordered two of them. I'm so very glad I did! They work better than I thought they would!

    Two things to note: 1. In the instructional video they say the hold-out comes with a cardboard template to help with getting the correct size flash paper sheets that properly fit in the device. This is not true. No cardboard template was included. However, the video states the measurements (2x5cm) you should be cutting your flash paper pages into to make them fit inside the hold-out to make it dispense properly. This was important info that I'm so happy they provided... just be sure to have a ruler and sharp scissors near by.
    2. The video gave little advice on how to take a full page of flash paper the size you get it when you buy it, and cut it down to proper size... it's time costuming. I wish a bit of advice was added to make it go by faster. Took nearly an hour to cut one page.

    In the video they say to only load 15 sheets of 2x5cm fash paper into the hold-out... more fit... but you risk them tearing during removal if you over stock it!
    15 is best, 20 is too many (in my experience)

    I am buying 3 more Flash Ninjas. They work so well!

    I reccomend having 2 hold-outs on your person just incase one jams during performance (they will jam and tear paper if you over fill). 15 sheets doesnt seem like many pieces. Its not. So i have 2 loaded and with me, guvung me 30 flashes...

    instead of leaving the rest of my prepared (cut, folded, and stacked) flash paper sheets stored in a plastic bag as shown in the video, i decided i will buy 3 more hold-outs.
    One full page of flash paper cuts down to about 75 pieces (at least my flash paper pages do), 75 pieces ÷ 15 = 5 fully loaded Flash Ninjas.

    Be safe and have fun

  2. Kurtis

    I have never used flash paper before but I really wanted to try it so when I saw this I thought I might as well try and do it properly and have a nice little holder for it.
    The product packaging is really good but the product doesn’t suit the packaging since it comes across as cheap.
    The belt clip is actually really good quality but the holder is made of plastic.
    The way it has been made is really clever , and the inventor deserves a pat on the back for the design but I think maybe some more time should of been paid to making it easier. It is quite fiddly and time consuming to setup and I found it quite awkward to replace the belt clip.
    If you could buy flash paper refills for it that would change it completely and make it so much easier.
    The holder will last a long time and is durable. Despite the other review I read about it mine works really well I haven’t used it loads but from what I can tell it will work fine.
    The video quality is OK the production is high quality but I think the magician doing the video ( apology for not remembering his name )needed to script it a little more and condense the video down. For cutting and folding paper the video is a bit long , it does suggest a few uses for flash paper and cover flash paper safety but I think it is to long.
    If your patience doesn’t have a limit ( which if you’ve read this far it probably doesn’t )you’ll find it useful and it could be your new EDC.
    Overall I’m not disappointed with it for the price I paid but if I have bought it at full price I think I would of been.
  3. Sebastian

    I was really excited about this. On paper it sounds amazing, so I bought it. I've been playing around with it for a month now. If it would work, like it is described it would be awesome. Sadly it doesn't work. It is extremly difficult to load it and when you want to take a piece out of it, it always tears at the fold, so you end up with a lot of half pieces. That makes the product completly useless.