Refill Pack for PYRO/PYRO Mini Fireshooter

Refill Pack for PYRO/PYRO Mini Fireshooter

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These are Flash Cotton & Paper Refill Packs for the PYRO or Pyro Mini Fireshooter Units, with each Refill containing over 120 Loads for your unit. You can purchase the Best-Selling Pyro Fireshooter here.

Customer Reviews

  • by arn

    Oct 2018

    I love this thing, it really makes them wonder just what kind of power does he have to shoot fire from his hands, easy to learn hours of fun

  • by olav

    Sep 2018

    It's a great product. Lots of different ways of using it. I love it

  • by Apponnoyyo

    Sep 2016

    Works Super. Just note it took my paper 3 days to dey fully and CHARGE the unit for a MINIMUM of 2 hours for the unit to have anough charge. WATCH the Videos so you know how to load the unit or it just won't work. Smarty Pantses only. And use a cotton ball WAY SMALLER than you think ismt even enough for the best fureball possible. Must practice.