Refill Pack for PYRO/PYRO Mini Fireshooter

Refill Pack for PYRO/PYRO Mini Fireshooter
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These are Flash Cotton & Paper Refill Packs for the PYRO or Pyro Mini Fireshooter Units, with each Refill containing over 120 Loads for your unit. You can purchase the Best-Selling Pyro Fireshooter here.

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  1. Summary

    I love this thing, it really makes them wonder just what kind of power does he have to shoot fire from his hands, easy to learn hours of fun
  2. Summary

    It's a great product. Lots of different ways of using it. I love it
  3. Summary

    Works Super. Just note it took my paper 3 days to dey fully and CHARGE the unit for a MINIMUM of 2 hours for the unit to have anough charge. WATCH the Videos so you know how to load the unit or it just won't work. Smarty Pantses only. And use a cotton ball WAY SMALLER than you think ismt even enough for the best fureball possible. Must practice.
  4. Summary

    Pyro is a very unique flame unit that will shoot a ball of fire about six feet away from your pointed wrist. The unit is capable of firing off four separate rounds. The pack of flash paper and flash cotton is a generous amount. In fact the refill packs were such a good deal I purchased five.

    This product is not a toy and not recommended for children to use. Always remember flash paper and cotton are shipped wet and you must place them in a clear area and allow 24 to 48 hours to dry. If you do not fry the paper off, it will eventually break down and turn into mush. Remember we do not use an oven to dry of these goods.