Flash Paper and Flash Pads

Flash Paper and Flash Pads

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NOTE This product is not intended for the Pyro or Pyro Mini products. Using these in any Pyro product will void it's warranty.

This is Magicians Flash Paper. With Flash Paper you can produce flames from your finger tips. Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter, match or any extreme heat source.

Can be used for dozens of effects. We have 2 sizes of Flash Paper. The 8x9 inch flash paper size can be cut or torn into many smaller pieces.

Or we have 2x3 inch flash pads. Great for coin magic or other close up magic effects.

For use by professionals at their own risk. Buyer must be 18+

Flash Paper 4 sheets 8" x 9"

Flash Pads 20 sheets 2" x 3"

Warning: Do not use Flash Paper or Flash Pads in any Pyro device. It will cause the Pyro to malfunction and void the warranty
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  1. Summary

    Good product, yet wayyy overpriced.
  2. Summary

    Great quality
    You can cut a flash pad sheet into 4 or 5 small pieces and it will do just fine, if you twist it in the middle the effect is even more amazing
  3. Summary

    Ordered 2 of the 2x3 pads. Dried out very quickly and looks great. Would highly recommend.
  4. Summary

    High quality flash paper. I can take the smaller pads and rip them into three pieces and get three hand held thrown fireballs.
  5. Summary

    100% Potent.
    Perfect Flash Pads for Finger Flashers. Half a Sheet will throw a Fireball 4 feet. A whole one will arc 12 feet across the Room. Don't buy Fewer than 100 pads. They're Awesome!
  6. Summary

    Awesome. great for making an impression. definitely recommend.
  7. Summary

    This stuff is great and so fun to use. There should be no reason not to get this, even if you're not a magician. I love it and plan on buying more soon. You can't just use it once, you'll be back for more in no time, great product!
  8. Summary

    Must have for all professional and beginner magicians... A great eye catcher...
  9. Summary

    Packaged well. Hope to use with my Ignite deck. A little goes a long way
  10. Summary

    good stuff. Only reason I dropped a star is because of the price. For $9 I can use it for 4 effects, so pick your performances wisely. Be advised that when you get it you'll have to unwrap it and let it dry out(due to shipping guidelines on flammable).