Flashy Hypno by Daniel Chard

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A pseudo-hypnosis routine inspired by the work of Kostya Kimlat, Flashy Hypno packs in multiple unexpected color changes and one killer of a kicker ending.

The performer explains that under hypnosis, the mind can be tricked into seeing things that aren’t there. To demonstrate, a card is chosen by the spectator and kept in the middle of the pack. A second card is shown to be ‘wild’ - able to change into the selection at will, and repeatedly.

Whether it’s placed on top, in the middle, or on the bottom of the deck, the ‘wild card’ will always morph into the selection. As a final kicker, the deck is spread - and every single card has changed color.

Daniel Chard is rapidly making a name for himself and his particular brand of fast-paced, eye-catching magic. Learn Flashy Hypno and get hooked on this next up-and-comer now.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Duration: 7 minutes

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  1. Wendel

    Really a nice effect with basic sleights most magicians & card enthusiast know how to do. That being known though, does'nt imply not practicing. As with any magic or anything else, practice makes perfect. I think this trick would go perfect with Peter Turners Fraud, which I included with this mental hypnosis effect.
  2. Summary

    Daniel did an excellent teaching job, and I got the hang of the effect within an hour. It is a very convincing effect, and very versatile in how you perform it. I like to perform it by telling people that their mind is playing tricks on them, and they are seeing the wrong card. Flashy Hypno is very powerful, and requires no gimmick.
    The only issue that I have with this trick is that it is very difficult to reset. I have not found a successful way to reset it yet. For street magicians, I would recommend carrying two decks around, one for Flashy Hypno, and one normal. Overall, an excellent effect by Daniel Chard. Great job, Ellusionist.
  3. Summary

    WOW. This effect is amazing and will melt your audience's brain with the final phase when the deck's back changes colors. The explanation is quite brief but nevertheless was straight to the point and effective. The best part about the performance of this trick is that it's completely unpredictable by the audience which contributes to the effect's originality.
    Great job Daniel Chard.