Flite by Steve Thompson

Estimated to ship Oct 31, 2020
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NOTE: FLITE is completely SOLD OUT, but we have another 3,000 on order that are estimated to ship on October 31st, 2020.

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FLITE is a ring flight gimmick, re-engineered.

  • No threads
  • No clips
  • No magnets
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Loads easily
  • Unlinks easily 
  • Resets instantly - perfect for walkaround and restaurant work
  • Can be repeated instantly
  • Can be handled by the spectator
  • Can be used as a visual effect
  • Links multiple rings at a time
  • Performable while surrounded 
  • ... and is always ready to go. <and breathe...>


FLITE checks so many boxes, our pen just ran out. 


The gimmick has been engineered with a deceptive, easy load method. This means you can vanish the ring and make it appear among your keys with one fluid action - as you take them out of your pocket. 


Because their ring actually ends up attached to the keyring itself, you can even let them get microscopically close and pull right on it... It's really on there.


In fact, FLITE is so easy to use, you can even give the loaded gimmick to your spectator to hold... before the ring has even-vanished, or use it as a visual linking effect. 

"The link is so fast and pure, it can even be used as a visual effect. Which you can't do with other ring flights."
- Tom Elderfield



The components used for FLITE are of the highest quality. Let's face it, you need something reliable that's going to last you tens of thousands of performances, whether it's casual or paid - you can put FLITE through the wringer.

  • Made with premium-grade metals for durability
  • Safe & secure
  • With normal use, FLITE should last you a lifetime. 

BEHIND THE SCENES: We produce a lot of magic at Ellusionist. Not every product suits every style. However, FLITE is one of those gimmicks that's so good, every single member of our team has personally asked for one. 



Tom Elderfield steps in for Steve and breaks down exactly what makes FLITE unique. Then he'll show you how to use your FLITE gimmick in a way that melts your audiences. With hundreds of performances under his belt, he's got some incredible insight on how to best perform FLITE for maximum impact.



The good news is, for those that aren't ready to get too close to their audiences or have them touch your items, FLITE can be utilized for visual routines too. Once you know the secret, you'll be able to link inspected or borrowed objects out in the open, turning 'ring flight', for the first time, into a visual spectacle.


BEHIND THE SCENES: Creator Steve Thompson links other objects to FLITE in his performances. Including a pair of scissors, showing you just how versatile this gimmick is. It's not just reserved for rings. 



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  1. Kelly

    Well made and easy to do. It definitely was not what I was expecting. The gimmick is pretty brilliant. It works better with certain styles of pants, but he teaches you how to make your favorite jeans work as well. If you are a photographer or videographer, the key that comes with it works perfectly with the screw for my camera plate.
  2. Summary

    For a moment I thought I’d bought another ‘drawer filler’ But after fiddling with it for a while,this is genius!!!
    I’ve been presenting it with a rubber band,linking and unlinking in impossibly visual ways! Not one person has suspected a gimmick,they just think I’m a wizard with rubber bands,which I’m not.
  3. Isaac

    Amazing trick to do in any occasion. I love the simple yet deceiving method behind it definitely part of my EDC. Highly suggest you get it you won't regret it!!!
  4. rene

    The moment I got this I was like , man I should’ve bought two, came back and sure enough it’s sold out. It’s sold out because it works like a charm, super easy to use , no ring flight in the market looks and works as good as this. If you are a pro, advanced , or even a beginner magician that knows his way around audience management and have a decent coin vanish you should be getting this.
    It just hits me that the best trick I have bought this year to incorporate into my show happens to be the cheapest in price as well, such is the magic market sometimes lol.
    Great instructions, live performances and yes this is built to last, to put it simply , chances are you’ll end up loosing your keys before it breaks on you, and if it does I can see how easy it will be to fix it and the only way I can see anyone breakikg this is by dropping something VERY heavy on it like smashing it with a brick or something.
  5. Zachary

    In a word... shocking.
    I was a little unsure at first and I thought “there’s no way people are gonna fall for this, it’s way to simple!!” then I tried it (without practicing, THATS HOW EASY IT IS!!) and got an INSANE reaction! They freely handled the key ring and still didn’t figure out the secret, then I took of the ring in the visual way that Tom shows how to make it a visual effect, and they lost their minds!! 100% without a doubt, one of E’s best releases since optix!!
  6. Russell

    This is the best ring flight effect out there!
  7. Summary

    Stunning! Absolutely stunning. I knew what it was the minute I opened the box. I Will be using it often, in my routines.
  8. Summary

    AMAZING!!! This is genius on so many levels and WAY underpriced for the mileage you will get out of this! THIS is revolutionary and so deceiving! It will help some magicians overcome their fear of handing out the gimmick. They really won't believe it or see it with proper spectator management and even if they are staring right at it...they won't be able to understand exactly what happened! I PROMISE!! AMAZING!!!
  9. Daniel

    I was skeptical at first, but after my first performance this gimmick kills! Its way under priced! Fantastic, thanks for the amazing magic!!
  10. Summary

    Best Ring flight ever. Hands down!