Fly by Geraint Clarke

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"Fly is an incredibly creative idea, I love the secret behind the trick as much as the trick itself."

- Daniel Madison

There's a reason some pieces of magic are universally powerful. For almost a decade I've performed Fly all over the world. Whether I'm in the UK, New York, Italy, Spain and beyond.

Fly is unique because the entire trick is over before the effect has even started.

Allowing you to be completely free in your performance, with the magic taking place in their hands.

A signed selection vanishing from one spectators hands and appearing in the hands of another.
I'm Geraint Clarke - and this is FLY!

Get in on the secret. Download Now.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
Duration: 21 minutes.

Customer Reviews

  • by Adrien

    Apr 2017

    It really is worth the price for sure, a beautiful way to vanish a card from the deck to into their hands

  • by Bryan Bonilla

    Jul 2016

    Just performed this at work and the reactions were priceless! Definitely adding to my magic arsenal.

  • by Mohammad BIlal

    May 2016

    An absolute stunner. Clarke gives a shockingly simple explanation to what I thought would take me weeks to master. Don't hesitate to buy