FORGE by Perseus Arkomanis


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A revolutionary coin gaff

As a magician, you NEED to be able to do other things than card tricks.

Forge by Perseus Arkomanis is the NEW coin bite.
Imagine taking a borrowed coin from a spectator and fully dissolivng both faces off piece by piece.

This revolutionary coin gaff opens the doors to a brand new plot in magic.

The faces on a borrowed coin slowly dissolve, only to have it fully restore in their own hands.

It's so easy, you can perform this immediately.

Perseus explains the nuances of the effect and his super clean presentation where the water does the work for you.

- Takes up almost no pocket space.
- Available in 3 currencies.
- Instantly repeatable.
- Durable gimmicks... Will last a lifetime.

You'll receive 2 precision gaffs.

With Forge the spectator can inspect the coin DURING performance. This all new technology allows you to be truly free... No sleeves required.

"It's so easy"

Featuring Bonus 'in the mouth' & 'signed coin' handling's by Ellusionist's own Geraint Clarke, this will definitely become your NEW favourite coin trick.

The visual is undeniable.

Get Forge NOW.

DISCLAIMER: For those with allergies to Nickel, we don't advise you perform Geraint Clarke's 'in the mouth' variation. He has no allergies to metal, so knew it was safe. Please be aware of this before performing.


But what if I don't see my currency in the list?
The coin comes in US Quarter, UK 10p & 50cent Euro coins. Don't worry, Geraint's bonus section teaches you a presentation to non-suspiciously perform this with ANY of the 3 gaffs, in any country.

Do I need anything else?
No. Everything you need to perform this effect is shipped to you in 2 self contained gaffs.

Does this mean I need to carry 2 new gaffs with me?
Absolutely not. Based on your chosen presentation, you can just carry one.

Can it break?
No. You'd probably have to have a train ride over it to do any damage.

What if I accidentally spend it?
You can hire Ninja's to break into the store you spent it in to retreive it. Or order another one. Whichever is easier.

I have a serious Nickel allergy, can I still perform this?
As you're only touching the gimmick briefly during performance. Each persons reaction is different. Some top magicians coat their gaffs in a clear sealant to combat the allergy.

However, Lloyd Barnes on our team has an allergy and he wasn't affected at all by touching the gimmicks all day during filming. You'd have to assess your tolerance.

Format: 2 Precision Gaffs + Video Download
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
Duration: 34 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

  • by Matthew Cremeans

    Dec 2016

    I love the effect. Great responses and one of my favorites. Definitely a every day carry. Just slightly angle sensitivite

  • by Rubin

    Nov 2016

    Perseus is a very creative worker. He takes classic concepts and breathes new life into them, while creating methods that will stand the test of repeated performances. These gaffs are made from normal coins so you really do get the visual of minting or blanking a real coin.
    Plus, it's not your average coin trick. This is something most people will never see before or after you do it for them.

  • by Bob Tucker

    Nov 2016

    Well this will be my third attempt for a review; I'd hate to think that negative reviews are being discarded, so here I go one more time. The concept for Forge is excellent, the handling is very basic coin switches, very easy for experienced and fairly easy for novices. My issue is with the "coins", they don't look like or feel anything like a real quarter (thinner, less weight, just doesn't feel even close). I thought I'd still give it a try, but every adult I showed Forge to, either immediately saw that the gimmicked coin was not even close to a quarter, and when improvised and did a "spell bound" change an 8 year old saw that it wasn't a real quarter. And don't even bother putting the coin in someone's hand, thin, light, "coin blank" isn't even close to the feel of a real quarter. Maybe the other coins are better made, but to me this was a waste of $24. BUT AGAIN, I do love the concept, and with a better product, I think this can be an amazing coin routine, being very easy to build on as the crowd dictates.