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FREE TRICK - Learn to Levitate an object.

Get a levitation illusion, compliments of ellusionist. Learn it and then perform it for your friends and family.
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5 Free Magic Trick course by Brad Christian

Brad's 5 Free Magic Trick course will teach you 5 Jaw-Dropping Magic Tricks that will amaze you and your friends. These are proven winners that strolling magicians use to earn a living - highly guarded secrets


Credit Card Vanish by Nathan Kranzo

Teaches Credit Card Vanish, one of eight tricks from his upcoming DVD 'Boondock Mental' soon to be released right here on ellusionist. This download was a giveaway to our fans when we reached 20,000 Likes on Facebook


Arcane Playing Card Wallpapers

After hundreds of requests we are proud to release Wallpapers inspired by our Arcane Playing Cards. These are available in multiple resolutions, so as to fit your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Laptop and/or Desktop.


The Black Deck Book

The Black Deck Book was given away to our fans when we reached 50,000 Likes on Facebook. This book was painstakingly re-written, re-edited & re-mastered from the Original, and released as an e-book for all to enjoy.