Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pets, tell your neighbors ex-wife....TELL EVERYONE.

Today we'll be running a groundbreaking shopping event for 4 DAYS only, something that has only ever been done once in the history of Ellusionist, and may not happen again...

All orders over $75, will be shipped right to your door, absolutely FREE. No countries are excluded, so this is exactly what you've been waiting for.

If you've been dying to get your hands on some decks, or begging your family or friends for a new Chess Guess or Venom Levitation System. This is the time.


Do I have to spend $75 or more to get FREE shipping?

What if I buy $75 worth of downloads, and just 1 deck of cards?
That's great, you still get FREE shipping on ANY order you make above $75, whether it's mostly downloads, or all cards.

Does this offer exclude any items in the E store?
No. All shippable items are included.

Can I pay for faster shipping if I need it?

Can I pay to get jump the queue in the warehouse and get mine sent out first?
Yes. We've ran FREE SHIPPING before and were slammed with orders, and we're expecting a huge influx this weekend. The warehouse may take between 3-7 days to process your order. So if you want to jump the queue, we got you covered. Simply check the box to pay $3 and get your order shipped BEFORE all standard orders. 

How long will it take to ship my items?
It's impossible to give you a figure as different destinations have different lengths of time (obviously). Free shipping is standard rate shipping from our warehouse in California. If you live in the US, it'll be with you in a few short days. If you live further, it can take anything up to 2 weeks.

Will you be running another event like this again? I can't afford it this time!
At this time, we don't have any plans to run another event like this in future.

What about Customs taxes?
Any individual customs or government charges are applied by your country of residence and not by Ellusionist. Please make sure you're aware of your local governments fee, if any. Ellusionist is not responsible for this charge.