Frixion Pen - Black

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  1. Summary

    I've read people complain about the ability to match up ink with this pen. I haven't had any issues with it. the ink vanishes long before your paper starts to burn or discolor. My favorite trick is to draw a goofy picture beforehand(like the tinman with his heart) and joke with the people while pretending to write down the spectators card. add flame, and then magically a 3 and a heart are the only things left.
  2. Summary

    I had no idea that this pen was so great for magic. I bought one and use it for endless different tricks. I definitely recommend people buying one!
  3. Summary

    I have these at home. I picked some up from the local office supply store (i.e. Staples, Michaels, Office Depot, OfficeMax) for real cheap as compared to this price. They work well, but the writing is so fine (and not as dark as other inks) that you really have to hide the other ink well. What I love the most is holding the writing over a flame or hot coffee/tea cup and watching it instantly vanish. Cool idea.
  4. great idea, but the ink is a little light.

    i saw this pen on here and then when to meijer and bought to for a dollar less. its a great idea and stuff but the ink doesnt cover up other inks well. but other than that its a great buy, endless possibilities.
  5. Great buy!

    I love this pen and all of it's possibilities. From something so simple that requires almost no skill I have received some great reactions. I'm a bar tending magician who is constantly having to repeat effects several times a night and almost every night, but what I do with this pen is easily set up in advance and it's a nice go to when I'm tired at the end of the night. I can leave a lasting impression and still bring customers back for more with little effort.
  6. Great addition!

    Great pen! Nice addition to any magicians arsenal.So it cost less at office supply stores,Big Deal!! If it hadn't been for Ellusionist most people would have never heard of it. Show some support!
  7. Perfect

    The pen does exactly what it needs to. Pretty nice, but the ink doesn't fully come back when put into the freezer.
    and i think ellusionist has it a bit over-priced cause i got two for the 5 dollars at walgreens. but hey? gotta make profit some how
  8. Cool Concept

    Not used this pen for a whole lot of applications yet. I still like it for the potential it has though.
  9. About the worst trick I have ever bought.

    Perhaps I did not read the directions correctly
    or maybe mis-read them. Whatever the
    reason, I thought it was too much trouble finding heat to make the trick work.

    I threw it away and never gave it another thought.
  10. Very fun

    I think up new ideas every time i look at it. Great revels.