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Ask a spectator to wrap his own quarter in a plain napkin you give him. The magician doesn't touch either the napkin or coin until the spectator finally hands it to the magician to demonstrate the freezing. The napkin helps protect from the cold that will occur. [Note: there are no chemicals on the napkin and none in the magician's mouth or on his hands]

Summoning a change in his body temperature, the magician begins to blow freezing air onto the napkin, causing the napkin to become ice cold. He unwraps the quarter and, leaving it sitting by itself on the napkin, without even touching it, he blows on the coin.

The quarter frosts over white and freezes visually. When picked up by a spectator the coin is bitter cold and still white from frost.

Frozen was generated by the mind of Adam Grace. It is workable and practical. Our team noted that in every street performance the spectators had no answer except that Adam must have really changed his body temperature.

"...falls into an often-claimed, but rarely attained category called: what real magic would look like."
– Goudinov - Ellusionist Forum Moderator

A new realm of magic has entered out of the cold. Harness it today, in download or DVD format.


" Visually stunning, extremely so .... and I've seen it all - or thought I had.”
- David Smith - Ellusionist Forum Elite Member
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  1. Great Great product

    This is an awesome effect that is really really beautiful to see. Adam Grace is a monster for thinking of it.

    Pros: incredible experience for the spectator, there really aren't very many effects even relatively close to this one, fun to preform, one of the few effects that really EFFECTS the senses, really easy to obtain the needed materials and pretty cheep too.

    Cons: The method is kind of difficult to learn, Doing the method itself is a little cluncky, like many have said you only have five [at best] minutes to do the effect, the before hand set up requires you to be near the thing to do the method [trying hard to avoid exposure] and back with your spectator in a really short amount of time.

    Like i said the method is kind of clunky. but, i have thought of a really simple method to make it allot easier and allot less work. Depending on E's respone to it [because i've already shot them a pm] this might be added to the effect or updated as a modified version. shoot me a pm IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT THIS and i will tell you an easier way. send me a pm and i will get back to you as soon as i have E's response. I don't like exposure and so I want you to put your order code or something like that in the pm and i will send you my less complicated method as soon as i can. my profile is JVexen.
  2. OMFG This is a Must Have!!!!!

    Adam Grace Thank you For putting this out to the rest of us. I downloaded The DVD at 10 pm I was still up at 2 am doing this Magical.... There is nothing you can say to give this any justice. Calling it a "Trick" is WRONG. This is Supernatural. A strong Closer Heck THE CLOSER. Easy Setup, Really No slight of hand and STRONG.
  3. Good trick, but kind of hard.

    The trick looks cool when you do it, but I don't think i'll perform this in my routines. I think it's too much of a setup.
  4. Honestly this is the ONLY trick I don't use beacuse you only have 10 minutes to perform it after you set it up. But it is a great idea and a great trick.

    I love this trick and it would be so so cool to perform but I need more than ten minutes to do it so unfortunately I can not use it in my magic acts. For the future it would be better if you put in the description of the trick " after this trick is set up you will have ten minutes to perform it" just so people know. Thanks for your service and I hope this review helped out.
  5. Never been so close to real magic.

    When I do magic I'm always aware that it's a trick, but when performing Frozen you just feel like your doing real magic and the audience is no less fooled by it as well. I love it, it's the best trick I've gotten my hands on, ever!
  6. Very hard to pull off, but pretty amazing if you can do it.

    Adam says in the video it's not a perfect way of pulling off the trick and I agree. The first setup; I have a hard time believing anyone can pull this off without getting caught. When the hand goes to the pocket for any amount of time and this is a long time and not quiet...the trick is toast in my opinion.

    In the second setup; I don't know, looks kinda hokey when Adam performs it, and senior people have said this kind of thing is noticeable right off the bat in other tricks either is or it isn't.

    Again, Adam mentions in the video that today is where Frozen is after a few years of thought and imo, I am looking forward to either Frozen2 or I need to come up with a better way of presenting it on my own.

    As far as materials, nothing needed has been hard to find in stores, but with what Adam says to buy, it's not perfect, yet I cannot find anything better.

    In summary: The secret is great...sleight needs some work.
  7. Adam Grace should be renamed to Adam Freeze

    Take what you know about the freezing points and boiling points of objects and liquids. This is unnatural. This escapes what a human mind can achieve, this is FROZEN. Adam has taken his time and efforts to produce this miracle. It's worth it. The only draw back (because there really is no "perfect" trick) is that there is a time limit. Do not let this stop you from buying the trick. I will not reveal anything, but if you are going to do this on the street, at home, or at school, you will probably not even come close to running out of time. I would not recommend this trick if you plan on performing it an hour away some place but also want to prepare it at home. So if everything's somewhat close and you want to blow someone's mind and be remembered, get FROZEN. I also recommend RINGTONE, which was my first trick from Adam Grace. After performing that miracle, I bought FORZEN from a friend of mine and now am planning to also buy GLASS sometime. Adam Grace is the man when it comes to unnatural abilities. This is not a coin through bottle trick, a ambitious coin routine, a levitation, tagging someone's arm, a bill change, a invisible thread trick. THIS IS FROZEN, YOU TAKE A SPECTATOR'S COIN AND MAKE A QUARTER FREEZE, THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WATING FOR, GO GET 'EM!
  8. After finishing the video all i said was "Oh my God....."

    When i first performed this i was stunned at how big the impact was for other people the is probably one of the best tricks i have got.
  9. This is an awesome trick

    The day I bought this trick, I was very excited. When I was doing this for people, I felt like I was Dr. Freeze. Well, that's what your spectators will think. I thought this would a very hard trick to do. After watching it, and practicing for a little every day. I'm out on the streets amazing people. I recomend this trick to everyone.
  10. Mostly satisfied - little riffed

    Effect is awesome and the quality of the video is high. Would very much have liked to know that there is a time limit between setting up the trick and actually performing it prior to making my purchase. Most of my magic is impromptu, so I will very seldomly get to perform this trick. This made me feel a little ripped off.