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Ask a spectator to wrap his own quarter in a plain napkin you give him. The magician doesn't touch either the napkin or coin until the spectator finally hands it to the magician to demonstrate the freezing. The napkin helps protect from the cold that will occur. [Note: there are no chemicals on the napkin and none in the magician's mouth or on his hands]

Summoning a change in his body temperature, the magician begins to blow freezing air onto the napkin, causing the napkin to become ice cold. He unwraps the quarter and, leaving it sitting by itself on the napkin, without even touching it, he blows on the coin.

The quarter frosts over white and freezes visually. When picked up by a spectator the coin is bitter cold and still white from frost.

Frozen was generated by the mind of Adam Grace. It is workable and practical. Our team noted that in every street performance the spectators had no answer except that Adam must have really changed his body temperature.

"...falls into an often-claimed, but rarely attained category called: what real magic would look like."
– Goudinov - Ellusionist Forum Moderator

A new realm of magic has entered out of the cold. Harness it today, in download or DVD format.


" Visually stunning, extremely so .... and I've seen it all - or thought I had.”
- David Smith - Ellusionist Forum Elite Member
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  1. Excellent trick but a little overpriced

    Good and stunning trick.
    Items required may be a little difficult to find.
  2. first class,am already thinking of other variations,

    theres so much more to come from this amazing idea,
    its a great talking point to all who se it.

    This has to be one of the best tricks, I've ever purchased.Its takes alot of pactice but in the end it's worth it. Thank you Ellusionist/ Adam Grace
  4. Must Get

    you must get this trick it is really good, its easy, you just cant screw it up.
  5. question

    is it easy to break. do u have to keep buying it over and over again.can twelve year olds do it
  6. Not for beginners.

    Trailer a little misleading in the setup. There is a time constraint with napkin version. Napkin version requires a decent amount of sleight.

    Hands free version tricky. Its gimmick is quite bulky and awkward. Not for novices.

    If i where a professional who walked the streets I would use this. Not something you can pull off impromptu and without preparation. So i would not recommend for the novice.

    For pro's this could do very well though!!!

    I'll give it a 4 because i think the trick itself is good. would give it a 3 because the marketing and targeting is off and feel a bit jipped... I'll err on the side of nice.
  7. Makes Me Feel Like a Super Hero

    Frozen is one of the greatest tricks of all time, a new type of effect that shows a new REALM of magic...sometimes when i do this effect, i fool myself that i am a super hero.
  8. time to put away my freezer

    cause this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. One of the most mind blowing and flat out coolest tricks ever!

    When I first got Frozen I thought I would be able to perform this whenever I wanted wherever I wanted but I quickly learned that I wouldn't be able to (well not quite). The set up takes about 1-2 min and then it lasts for about 10 - 15 min. At first this disappointed me but after a while it didn't bother me so much. This trick does involve some showman ship but watching the DVD gives you ideas. When I found my self performing this to my friend I started off telling him some facts about people doing odd things with their bodies and how then could control their body temperature. He just laughed and was like, "Ok, whatever dude" and then I started the blow on the napkin and I froze it and while I was doing this he started to nervously chuckle and then when I made the quarter frost over he just sat there and was like "what the #&@^" and that was the end.
  10. The best trick ever!

    I simply can't gather enough words to express how freaking awesome this trick is. I do have to admit, after I got it I was a little bit surprised at how easy the setup was, and even the fact that the trick is timed only affects the performance by like 3%. I've never been able to stand so close to real magic.