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Ask a spectator to wrap his own quarter in a plain napkin you give him. The magician doesn't touch either the napkin or coin until the spectator finally hands it to the magician to demonstrate the freezing. The napkin helps protect from the cold that will occur. [Note: there are no chemicals on the napkin and none in the magician's mouth or on his hands]

Summoning a change in his body temperature, the magician begins to blow freezing air onto the napkin, causing the napkin to become ice cold. He unwraps the quarter and, leaving it sitting by itself on the napkin, without even touching it, he blows on the coin.

The quarter frosts over white and freezes visually. When picked up by a spectator the coin is bitter cold and still white from frost.

Frozen was generated by the mind of Adam Grace. It is workable and practical. Our team noted that in every street performance the spectators had no answer except that Adam must have really changed his body temperature.

"...falls into an often-claimed, but rarely attained category called: what real magic would look like."
– Goudinov - Ellusionist Forum Moderator

A new realm of magic has entered out of the cold. Harness it today, in download or DVD format.


" Visually stunning, extremely so .... and I've seen it all - or thought I had.”
- David Smith - Ellusionist Forum Elite Member
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  1. Super Effect

    The effect it`s very very strong. I have freak people our. When I do the effect I say ``Thats my best trick`` Thanks Adam Grace
  2. Best effect ever

    I was waiting for this effect for years when i first saw it was when it was call frostbite but that was then this is now frozen is i think the best effect out there very practical you will love it don't miss out buy it you wont regret it.
  3. Truly Magical and Truly Workable

    When I first saw this trick, I imagined that there was going to be a lot of elaborate "behind the scenes" work in order to create such a powerful effect.

    I was VERY pleasantly suprised to learn the elegant methodology behind the effect which I think makes this trick something that I would highly recommend to all magicians who want to leave a strong impression with their audience.
  4. unbelieveable

    to me this trick is easy
  5. Great trick

    It's a great trick, but the only bad thing about frozen there's a time limit.
  6. 1 out of 10 its a 10

    at first after seeing the method i was a little bit worried about set up, but man they never see it coming. I spent a month practicing this affect and tried it on family first it blew them away. If you do this affect first you better have some kick ass stuff inline after it because this one is all there going to remember. I preformed this for the first time for a total stranger just two days ago and it blew their minds. the method it self is just as mind blowing as the effect itself. SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GET THIS EFFECT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
  7. My new favorite opener!!

    Frozen is one of the best effects I've seen in a while. I LOVE it! Even my "skeptic" friends have been blown away with this gem! It takes a small amount of setup, but IT IS WORTH IT for the look on their faces! Get this DVD!
  8. i love this effect

    i love this effect it is amazing the coolest part is the freezing air and the coin adam is the best
  9. ..ow amazing trick the best street trick..

    wow amazing trick the best street trick i have now and i have a ton of them iv been doing magic and street magic for about 11 years now and this tops them all no one will ever guess how its done
  10. This is on of the best effects

    This is on of the best effects I have ever purchased. You will have people freaking out and scratching their heads for a long time. EB