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WARNING! Not suitable for magicians under 18 years old. Please ensure you meet the age requirements before purchasing. 


F.U.2 is the ultimate heckler stopper.


An explicit piece of art that jumps up in the middle of a trick like a hilarious jack in the box.


They think you're doing the best mystery card trick on earth... maybe you are.


A prediction is placed on their hand and they're told not to look. They then choose a card. (It's a force... No B.S. here)


When they turn it over, expecting the named card to be there, a big hand flipping the bird greets them. 'F*CK YOU' is spelled out in full above it.


Everyone laughs.


At this moment you could get an elephant to drive a bus into the room and nobody would notice. They believe it was just a joke.


They read the guarantee on the card. No need for switches.

It says the EXACT card they chose in the small print...


BAM. Fireworks go off, men and women flock to you while confetti falls from the open sky.


You don't just do magic. YOU ARE MAGIC.


Get f*cked today.



NOTE: To ensure promises are kept to Asi Wind, we've removed Pack #4 from the mix. That means that 13 cards won't be available, ensuring nobody can put together their own F.U. deck by buying a bunch of these. If you're looking for that kind of effect we recommend Asi's Gypsy Queen.




Each pack contains 13 random F.U. cards. All cards are in random order (pack #1 is not A through K of spades for example), but by buying different packs (1, 2, or 3) we can guarantee you'll receive no doublers.


This ensures a varied performance without the need to force the same card on every spectator.


With each purchase, you'll get access to the full FU2 download, showing you exactly how to use this one gag card during your performances. Each card is forced, so during the explanations Lloyd Barnes will teach you 8 different techniques to force a playing card. Including surefire psychological forces and his personal favorite way to force a playing card.


Lloyd will also recommend some other sources for you to check out that can be used with this routine. So no matter what situation you find yourself in, you'll always have multiple techniques to pull from.


We'd like to publicly credit EVERY SINGLE PERSON who's ever used the words "Fuck You" in their magic tricks or in conjunction with playing cards. 

So far its: 

  • Jerry Sadowitz (1987)
  • David Sleaze (1980)
  • Adam Rubin (2010)
  • Peter McKinnon (2012)
  • Harrison Greenbaum (2010?) 
  • Lloyd Barnes (2016)
  • Oliver Stearn (Year unknown) 
  • Josh Maddocks (2008)
  • Solly (2017) 
  • Erik Kappelman (2018) 
  • Dominic Thibodeau Deveault (2009) 
  • Paul Mitchell (2018) 
  • Carlos Ortiz (Year unknown)
  • Ruben Dobson (2017) 
  • Tom Wright (2018)
  • Lino Luna (2017) 
  • Andrew Gehling (2015)

& we're almost positive it's many many more of you too. Email support@ellusionist.com if you've ever said "fuck you" during a card trick or written it on a card and we'll add your name to this page too. Nobody owns that phrase. Not even us. 

We'd also like to specialliy credit these people for using the fine print as a card reveltaion too: 

  • Jay Sankey - Fine Print (2009)
  • Lloyd Barnes - FU Deck (2016)
  • Tom Wright - Parental Guidance (2018)

Customer Reviews

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  1. Kevin

    This is a fantastic release, so much great stuff! I have to say first this is Lloyd's best release to date IMHO. The sheer volume of excellent force material is really we put together. Opens with 20+ minutes of well-varied street performances, great stuff.

    The instructions by Lloyd are again well covered and every one is solid. Geraint shares a psyche force that's worth it's weight in gold (I STRONGLY advise buying the bundle so you get the card required for this one force). A reference is made to a few programs; Cipher (here on E, I LOVE it) and DFB, a really nice force program. (I bought DFB because of this purchase, it's EXCELLENT). The tips given throughout are brilliant and very helpful, it's amazing how much great into is in here....and I haven't even addressed the cards yet!

    The cards are excellent, and if you have some Keepers red decks, you can expand on FU by using this with the deck and seamlessly transition into or out of another presentation as the backs and stock are identical.

    I just have to say again how impressed I am with the video content for this release,. Not only great ideas, but such a depth of relevant content you'll watch again and again to extract bits and gems that are very useful.

    Thanks Lloyd, thanks Geraint, thanks E (and thanks Jennifer, you're a rock star :) )! One of the most fun releases ever, way to go bold, so happy!!!
  2. Dylan

    Great trick! I’m very much looking forward to performing this at my next gig. Instructions are solid. If you want the app used in the trailer you’re looking at another 30 bucks but, I think it’s well worth it and will provide you with a perfect force every time.
    *** Ellusionist edit. Potential exposure was removed.***
  3. Summary

    This is fucking badass, you catch the spectator off guard. You lower their guard and then it is a big fuck you.