Gaff System by Lloyd Barnes

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The secrets contained within this gaff system do not lay within the cards themselves, but rather in the devious constructs and notions which bring the cards to life.


Only when these methods of deception are learned will you truly understand the power you’ll hold within the palm of your hand.


Designed over a lifetime in magic, Lloyd Barnes brings you a treatise in visual card magic.


This gaff deck combines principles of science, optical illusion, engineering and sleight of hand that will introduce you to a treasure trove of visual magic.


Each card in this set has been hand designed, tested, worked and refined to ensure that when you crack the deck open and begin learning the secrets, you’ll be ready to blur the lines between reality and science fiction right in front of your audience’s eyes.



“This is my life’s work on visual, gaff card magic. Be careful to not share the secrets within and treat the cards with respect. In return, they will give back to you more than you could ever imagine.”
- Lloyd Barnes



Stuffed tighter than a 12inch meat-feast Pizza in a 9inch box, these routines, tricks, and effects will open up creative doors that until now, have remained locked.


Blending Lloyd’s signature hyper-visual style with this unique gaff system will change the way you do card magic. Opening a new world of practical yet fooling card miracles all contained inside one deck.


With over FIVE hours of explanations, Lloyd will take you through 23 uniquely different routines. Ensuring you know how to wield this system to its fullest potential. Giving you tuition, tips, and advice on how to take your visual card magic from “good” to “elite” status. 


These tricks are so visual, during practice, you'll be fooled by your own reflection. 



This system has something for everyone beginners, pros, intermediates, workers, social media magicians, and creators… with a few extra gaff cards that will get your juices flowing and your brain thinking.


Loaded with secrets never shared before, in Lloyd’s most ambitious projects ever.


Grab your Lloyd Barnes Gaff System now.


Lloyd Barnes tells all...

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    I can’t say enough good things about this Gaff System probably the best one Ellusionist has produced there’s something for everyone on this download and the cards are very well made
  2. Allen

    I have no choice but to write a review about this project. I was at first so against this project when it first came out. Boy was I wrong. My wife finally talked me into letting her buy it and wow. I don't regret getting it. He takes magic with gaff cards to another level with this. I have been involved with this company since 2003 and still have never found another company that comes close to what ellusionist has put out. Lloyd barnes has solved my problem with the pop up move for the ambitious card routine. So many times I have performed that routine and been left with that damned bend to deal. Now that bend is no more. My wife is even going to perform some of these effects even. She might be slow at learning but she doesn't let her disability stop her from learning this stuff. She and I have high regards to this gaff system.
  3. Lenny

    I have had this for some months now and I haven't even learned half of the material. I will tell you that, of the tricks that I have learned there is one that is worth the price on its own. In the interest of full disclosure, I did buy this when it was on sale. Out of respect for Lloyd, I won't reveal the trick that I'm talking about. I know that's kind of a **** move but hopefully, you'll understand why when you buy it and you're glad you did.
  4. RiddhiPratim

    Fantastic !! Each Gaff card is very unique and well made, the tricks are very well thought off, and explained in a very detailed manner
  5. Edar

    Absolutely love this gaff system! I've seen and purchased several systems in the past only to relegate them into the junk drawer. I will actually use this and look forward to learning all these effects. I love Lloyd's no-nonsense approach.
  6. Lazarus

    You will get alot out of this. I have used gaff decks before, but this is sure fire stuff in here. The gaffs are also not hard to use and offer alot of awesome material from every card. The quality of the cards are also excellent. If your looking for a gaff deck that has alot to offer. This is it and you will get alot out of it.
  7. Marco

    Interesting gaff set, love many of the gaffs, good quality. Lots of ideas to work with. Only negative side is that too many videos are out of focus, it's really annoying.