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Jim Rosenbaum has invested countless hours and effort in developing and researching this magical device in order to ensure the overall quality and also in discovering all the things magicians will want to do with this amazing device. The Gecko provides you with thousands of possibilities for amazing instant miracles and is a definite must-have for bringing your magic to the next level.

Here are just a few of the effects you can master with The Gecko:

  • Vanish coins!
  • Vanish cell phones!
  • Bent and restored bottle cap routines!
  • Instant coin transformations
  • Vanish business cards and credit cards!
  • Use as a Hold-Out Device too!

The possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination!!

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  1. Summary

    The idea behind this creation is clever! The instructions are detailed as well. Unfortunately I found the advertising video on top too..uh..bias. It's too focused on what you see from the top far left of the spectator, and not the view of how the spectator would see if at dead centre. Overall, the gecko vanishes small items well, but the larger items are not as smooth as the video makes it appear to be
  2. Summary

    overall a pretty cool product though i feel it is a little overpriced if you are looking for something to add on to the effect on people this is a great thing to have
  3. Summary

    Good trick, very easy to learn. My only complaint is that you can't reload as they depict in the demo vid. Otherwise I recommend it!
  4. Summary

    Had one of these for a while, got caught more than a magician likes to admit, good concept though
  5. Summary

    It is an AWESOME trick love it! When You have practised for a time it gets easy and You can hide every move !
    AWESOME it is a mustbuy.
  6. Summary

    this trick is awesome! people say that it takes long to prep. it does but it's totally worth it seeing there face after the trick. someone said they can't do the trick but on its easy-intermediate i have mastered the trick. you should buy this!!!!! :D
  7. Summary

    most awsome trick ever, if you can do it, but its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy
  8. HATE THIS!!!

    I hate this sooo bad... I tried for THREE HOURS!!! I saw the video and knew I wanted it but it was the WORST trick ever. It's easily visible, hard to do and takes soo much preporation before you do it. It looks sooo easy but its the hardest magic trick I have ever done.
  9. very cool and easy to master

    This trick is very cool and you can master it with one day of use but... if someone asks to see your jacket your in big trouble.
  10. looking good

    from the looks of it it looks good