Ghost System V2

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Lloyd Barnes is back with the follow up to the best-selling Ghost System… This is Ghost System V2.

With the launch of the original Ghost System, where people could visually melt small objects through their card box, Lloyd Barnes has been working tirelessly to take this devious gimmick to the next level. Lloyd has taken his original method and applied directly to the face of playing cards. 

Like real life CGI, cards now seamlessly melt through each other, in the fairest and smoothest way possible.

Each V2 will include 2 gimmicks, 8 of Hearts and the King of Spades, opening the door to endless effects including versions of the Anniversary Waltz, slow motion color changes, ACR finales etc.

  • • Easy to do, crazy visuals in crystal clear detail. 
  • • Resets instantly
  • • Lasts a lifetime. No more pesky refills. 

Both gimmicks can be applied to the use of any standard-faced USPCC (Bicycle) deck, giving you the ultimate go-to trick, that’s always ready to destroy your spectator’s perception of reality. 

Own Ghost System V2 NOW.  

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  1. Summary

    Sooooo baaaaddd! don't waist your money guys!
  2. Summary

    So, I'm not the only one who ruined the first gimmick. Why isn't this not assembled in the first place ?? Can only be used with 2 cards and only with the standard faces :/ I lost 20$USD 'cause I'm not gonna use this trick.
  3. Summary

    This effect has gotten reactions in my show way beyond ambitious card or almost any other effect I do. This has gone right into my silent close-up act with music and love it. Not sure why this would get anything under five stars. Will be posting my little variation I put together with this amazing gimmick shortly.