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Holiday Gift Ideas under $50

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Breakthrough image

Starting at $29.95

One Perfect Miracle
Gift Certificate  image
Gift Certificate
Get them what they really want
How to do Miracle Card Tricks image
How to do Miracle Card Tricks

Starting at $10

Start Here - and get ready to make jaws drop.
The Working Man image
The Working Man

Starting at $8

The Secret Guide to Getting Paid to Perform Magic
Lock Stock & Riot image
Lock Stock & Riot

Starting at $8

McKinnon at his natural best
A Single Needle image
A Single Needle

Starting at $12

Screams, and more screams with this
The Advocate  image
The Advocate

Starting at $24.95

Available on DOWNLOAD now! 5 Stars.
Angle-Z image

Starting at $5

The Ultimate Showstopper - as seen on David...
Wolf image

Starting at $9.95

Coin Work from the Streets of Brooklyn
This is Mentalism 1 image
This is Mentalism 1

Starting at $29.95

Harness the power to read minds and predict the future
Boondock Mental  image
Boondock Mental

Starting at $10

Punch-you-in-the-face magic that's easy and...
Metal: High-Impact Coin Magic image
Metal: High-Impact Coin Magic

Starting at $34.95

Encyclopedia of effective coin moves & tricks
Crash Course in Sleight of Hand Card Tricks image
Crash Course in Sleight of Hand Card Tricks

Starting at $12.95

Perform explosive card magic easily
This is Mentalism 2 image
This is Mentalism 2

Starting at $9.95

Magic and Mentalism collide... again.
A Single Needle DVD image
A Single Needle DVD
Regular Price $34.95 Special Price $12
A Single Needle focuses the attention on one, clear,...

Starting at $2

Hijack anyone's cell phone

16 Items

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Set Descending Direction
A gift certificate is an easy gift to give.