Glimmer by Lloyd Barnes

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Glimmer is Lloyd Barnes' go-to Coin Through Glass.

Most Coin Through Glass effects shy away from the most crucial element, the visual. GLIMMER squares up and takes it on head to head.

If you’re using a coin to penetrate a glass, you should hold the glass naturally without covering the mouth and you better make damn sure you can see exactly the where and when that coin passes through glass. Otherwise, you may as well use a coffee mug. Most practitioners fail to do this.

Streamlined to perfection over almost a decade of real world performances, GLIMMER takes your audiences understanding of modern physics and beats it into submission. With no cover and inches away from their eyes, Lloyd passes particle through particle with nothing to hide.

• Impromptu.
• Borrowed.
• Easy to do.

Glimmer coin through Glass. Download Today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 16 Minutes

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  1. Summary

    This product was awesome, just finished practicing it and finally getting ready to show it off to the crowd. This effect is just so beautiful and super visual like those TV magic, be sure to add this to my magic routine!
  2. Summary

    Lloyd has done it again. Super simple and easy to do. If you were clever enough, you could do it with a signed coin. Super visual, a must get effect if you're a street magician. Very sneaky effect also. It's one of those tricks where the move happens when you least expect it. Awesome job!
  3. Summary

    This is simply amazing. In fact this one effect that is so simple and simply powerful that you can forget how much of a miracle it is. Thankfully its such a crowd pleaser that its hard not to show off. Simply Beautiful, Thanks Lloyd.