Gold Arcane Deck signed by Ellusionist Creative Team

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Gold Arcane Deck signed by Ellusionist Creative Team
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The Gold Arcane Deck. Next to the original Black Ghost 1st Edition, the Gold Arcane is perhaps the most desired - and recognisable - Limited Edition deck ever released by Ellusionist. Each Deck has been individually signed by the Ellusionist Creative Team - Brad Christian, Daniel Madison, Peter McKinnon, Adam Wilber, Mike Clarke and Jake Steele.

The Arcane Gold Deck: Precious Metals Edition has been born into reality, having been adored by the very lucky few who were able to receive an opportunity to hold them, first hand.

Five solid months were spent on the design process for this extremely unique piece of art and craft. Wait until you see how the iridescence of the gold metallic flake ink eerily shimmers in the light. It's like nothing we've seen before.

If you thought the Arcane decks we're incredible, wait until you see the Black Arcane deck strategically laced with true-metallic GOLD inlay ink.

The Gold Arcanes will be the first all-black, casino-grade deck from USPC specifically engineered for those who adore flash with the prestige of a precious metal like GOLD fused into the finish.