Gold Madison Revolvers


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Customer Reviews

  • by Lars

    Mar 2018

    Beautiful deck of cards. The quality is insane and the feel superb. The revolvers are my favourite deck of cards the red the black and also the gold. But in the gold deck series there is just some little thing to have in mind. When it comes to cheating this deck is not the best choice. I would better go with the gold rounders instead. Borderless design and less gold which flashes the eye. But for card tricks the gold revolvers are a good choice. All in all a good deck of cards and I recommend them to every one who loves glamour and exclusive stuff

  • by Sarah

    Jan 2018

    I got these because my friend had them and it actually made me jealous. They're freaking awesome. Personally not a fan of the red jokers in this version because I feel like it detracts from the elegance of the gold and white.

    I'll be buying more of these, they'd have to be my favourite luxury card deck.

  • by Jack

    Jan 2018

    The cards feel and handle great, but they almost look like seconds. Sometimes when you but a deck of bikes and you look at the borders you can tell the center design was printed off a little or not completely centered, that is how these look. My Revolvers have some cards that have askew back designs to them, besides that they are fine.