Gold Madison Revolvers


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Customer Reviews

  • by Sarah

    Jan 2018

    I got these because my friend had them and it actually made me jealous. They're freaking awesome. Personally not a fan of the red jokers in this version because I feel like it detracts from the elegance of the gold and white.

    I'll be buying more of these, they'd have to be my favourite luxury card deck.

  • by Jack

    Jan 2018

    The cards feel and handle great, but they almost look like seconds. Sometimes when you but a deck of bikes and you look at the borders you can tell the center design was printed off a little or not completely centered, that is how these look. My Revolvers have some cards that have askew back designs to them, besides that they are fine.

  • by Filip

    Dec 2017

    These look absolutely amazing. The borders are a bit thicker than on the other revolvers.