Gold Madison Revolvers


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Customer Reviews

  • by Gunner Johnson

    Nov 2017

    Absolutely beautiful product yet again from Daniel Madison and the Ellusionist team. Huge thank you from john and johnson magic as i got these as a surprise from you guys and i am 100% in love with the way they feel in the hands. This deck is a work of art.

  • by William

    Nov 2017

    Absolutely love these cards. By far my favorite deck to date. Personally I like the thicker cards, they handle well and the tuck case is really nice. Full of some nice little surprises 10/10 would recommend

  • by Colin S

    Nov 2017

    I just ordered these because I always love the combination of gold and white on playing cards. They haven't arrived yet, but I am super excited. My only complaint is the price; I understand that they have gold foil backs, but I wish they could be a bit cheaper.