Gone by Daniel Madison

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A demonstration of mentalism, coincidence or magic - Gone is one of those tricks that sticks in your mind long after it’s over. It’s the type of effect that gets conventions buzzing - and it’s one typical of Daniel Madison. Strong, clean and direct.

The performer begins by naming their own favorite card and asks a spectator to freely name any other card. The deck of cards is spread and seen to be in new deck order - but where the spectator’s card should be, is instead the performer’s. The spectator’s card? It’s been in the performer’s pocket since before the trick began.

Throw out your Invisible Deck, you’ve just found your new go-to.

This is Gone. Download it Now.

Format: Stream / Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 15 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by Guillaume

    May 2018

    What a so easy, original and freaking trick! It will take a bit of practice (and succeed by controlling your audience). The effect is amazing! Your 7 of Spades in the deck will create a huge surprise. And if you continue the trick like Daniel Madison did with the other card in your pocket, you will rock without any doubt. Really love to perform with this one.

  • by Thomas

    Dec 2017

    I'll be honest, this is the only thing I've downloaded from E that I'm not totally happy with... Because there's a huge audio tell in the effect if you do it as taught on the download that isn't in the trailer. I don't think that's entirely fair in my opinion. Love the idea but to me, when you're marketing an effect the trailer performance needs to use the same method you're asking people to pay for.

  • by Celsius

    Dec 2017

    This effect requires a higher level of expertise than I expected (I don't want to give the secret away). It requires you to do this particular move in a matter of about 3 seconds, while misdirecting your spectator nonethless. That task in itself should have been taught by Madison in the video. It's a great effect if you have established that particular “skill” required. If you buy it you will realize what I'm talking about. Not for beginners.