Green Keepers Playing Cards

Green Keepers Playing Cards
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Sea Green Keeper Decks are the third in the popular 'Keepers' series of playing cards.

Conceived by Adam Wilber and brought ashore by Oban Jones, Keepers are quite possibly the rider-backs of the future.

A beautifully classic design that stays quiet while your magic does the talking.

Created with the worker in mind, Keepers feel spectacular right out of the box.

As a professional, you want a deck to instantly feel comfortable in your hands, as an extension of you.

Printed on Cartamundi's famed B9 stock for durability, witha true linen finish, these feel as soft as the splash of a gentle ocean wave and outlast any deck we've ever put it head-to-head against.

Keepers set a new expectation for what an everyday deck should feel like.

Voyage with a skipper you can trust.

Stock your ship with Green Keepers.

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  1. Anthony

    Don’t listen to the haters. I’ve bought up plenty a decks making claims such as what is being said here about the Keepers. Hands down these are the best handling cards right out of the box for the under $20 price range.

    Anyone here that hasn’t left a 5 star review complaining about the stickiness of the Keepers or the cards not holding up...... LIES - it is 100% their fault for not taking care of the cards by either dropping them in hard/dirty areas, handling with dirty/wet hands, or exposing them to excessive moisture. I have 3 open decks of these that I have been beating on for 2-3 months, and they feel the same as the day they had arrived.

    Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and at least try these out!
  2. Aljoscha

    Refreshing color (obviously). Also I like how the faces are a bit darker as the ones on the blue version. However - keep in mind these are relatively thick. If you don't mind, it's a good choice.
  3. Aljoscha

    Definitly a pleasant surprise. The just slightly darker designed but insanely much better feeling alternative to B. Standards. Interesting color thone as well, I'm happy with them^^
  4. Summary

    Feel nicely broken in out of the box. The stock is thick and durable. I was hoping green deck was readers as well, but that’s the red deck unless it’s a different system used here (doubtful). If these are to become future Bicycle for magicians, then why not a reader deck, gaff other than double backers deck of all 3 colors and just include a single double or switch back (or both). Truly, I like this stock better than the cohorts, but that deck has a gaff deck and is reader deck. A deck that does everything...has anyone done that? Madison’s dealers / gamblers I suppose. Mark a ghost deck or something. Seems simple enough.
  5. dunc

    Great deck, great price, very happy with this.
  6. Summary

    I absolutely love these cards!!!! They are amazing! They feel amazing straight out of the box, there is no need to break them in they are all ready to go from the second that you open them. Well done Adam these are amazing!!
  7. Summary

    They handle super well straight from the box. I don't even mind that they're a bit thicker. Thanks to cheap refills, this really could be a Rider Back's alternative!
  8. Summary

    Green is my favourite color, keepers is my favourite deck.
  9. Summary

    This deck has a beautiful design, like the red and blue Keepers. That said, if you are used to the thin style of the red and blue decks, you will be disappointed with the green Keepers.

    The Cartamundi B9 stock is about 6 or 7 cards thicker than the red or blue Keepers. The green decks have a different feel. It isn't bad, but green pales in comparison to red or blue. If the Cartamundi B9 stock is the future of Keepers, well, Ellusionist has lost a fan.
  10. Summary

    I'm truly blown away with the quality of these cards. When I opened the box, I immediately thought I needed to get another few decks and start doing all my magic with Keepers. Only knock off one star because there's no double-backer, and making one would destroy my Jokers :(

    Still, I love this deck and will be back for more