Green Keeper Reloads

Green Keeper Reloads
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Introducing RELOADS... A tuckless deck wrapped securely in cellophane.

If you're anything like us the cards LIVE in your hands. You sometimes set them down at your desk, in your kitchen or in the bathroom. (Don't pretend that's just us.)

Often in performance the tuck is discarded, or placed safely in your case while your deck takes on the inevitable damage of bends, slaps, crimps, sweat, sharpie and the sticky fingers of spectators.

For cardists the tuck is actually a hinderance. One more first world problem to eliminate. Those seconds removing the deck from the tuck really add up.

With RELOADS we help to streamline your EDC (every day carry), help the environment (by not printing tucks that can be reused) and provide a cost effective solution to your increasingly expensive passion.

For an introductory price of just $3.50 per deck when buying 12, these decks arrive in the mail in perfect condition and can be opened with a quick cello-snap.

The first deck to introduce this concept is Sea Green Keepers. A maiden voyage deserves a skipper we can trust. 

Keepers are designed for workers, so Green Keeper RELOADS are perfect for those who hop from table to table destroying decks and giving away signed cards.

Printed on Cartamundi's famed B9 stock for durability, these outlast any deck we've ever put it head-to-head against. 

RELOAD your playing card supply today.

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  1. Summary

    I can now get loads of quality decks at a cheap price.
  2. Summary

    I loved the Blue Keepers and Red Keepers, and I was so excited when I found out that the Sea Green Keepers were coming out. The color is vivid and beautiful. The color looks... brighter(?) than on the photo displayed. I am not sure if brighter is the right word as much as "vivid-er". It's a gorgeous deck of cards. I was definitely thrown off by the thicker stock than I was used to after having the Blue Keepers being my go to deck for some time, but the stock still feels amazing, but just keep in mind that it will be thicker than the thin crushed stock. They are *similar* (not equivalent) in thickness to your typical Bikes, but they definitely handle better and feel great in your hands. I do wish Ellusionist would release an option to purchase these with the tuck. If they do release a typically priced version with the tuck, I will likely purchase a brick of those then reload the reloads into the tucks after the cards themselves give out, but with the new stock, I do think it will take longer for the cards to wear out than the Blue or Red Keepers. I'm totally in love with the pop of the color with the Sea Green Keepers and will definitely be purchasing more in the future, especially if a version with a tuck (like what has been displayed in the past on Instagram) is released. Despite the downfall of not having a tuck, these cards are truly beautiful and handle amazingly, having a slightly thicker stock, but not too thick as to make pressure sleights difficult or impossible. One other super minor thing to note about the Sea Green Keepers: the borders on them appear ever so slightly thinner than the other Keepers. Personally, I like this touch, as it adds a hint of elegance to the deck.
    Great deck altogether! Handles incredibly and feels great!
  3. Summary

    Love these cards, by far one of the best decks in my collection. The B9 stock while it is thick feels great in your hands. I would recommend these for cardist or magicians and for the price why haven't you bought a deck yet. My only complaint is that maybe we could get some kind of "load" so we might reload these into.