Gun Control by Chris Mayhew

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We invited Chris Mayhew to Hawaii to show us a control with real fire-power. 

4 cards are cleanly placed into different parts of the deck. No optical illusions, this really happens.

In the impossibly fair action of giving the deck a riffle shuffle, all 4 cards are controlled to the top of the pack.

We wish we could jazz it up with adjectives and explosions, but in reality it's that simple and clean.

No fakery, no gimmicks... just sleight of hand at it's purest.

After watching Gun Control you'll be fully locked and loaded with one of the deadliest weapons in card magic. 

Pull the trigger.

Get Gun Control TODAY.

Want to get your hands on the cards Chris is using in the trailer? Get yours HERE

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  1. Summary

    One of the best card controls I have under my belt. It's great for routines that use multiple selected cards, or for 4 ace routines. Overall, extremely practical and useful.
  2. Summary

    Love this control. Simple to do and a beautiful way to control a single or multiple cards to the top of the deck.
  3. Summary

    This is the best control I have ever seen. It works perfectly for single and multiple cards. I love that it looks like you are shuffling them normally, but the card has already been controlled.