HALO Medium Wristband

HALO Medium Wristband
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The first of its kind, Halo integrates a state-of-the-art optic system within a handsome black wristband, allowing you to make a statement at the touch of a hidden button.

A masculine showpiece, the Halo system features the Ellusionist logo in trademark red asking you to do nothing but trust the instinct.

Go out. Get Noticed. Be Powered by the Halo.

    • Thick, masculine wristband
    • Super-cool distressed container
    • Available in S, M, and L
    • Lights up via embedded fiber optic system
    • Comes with two batteries
    • Durable clasp, hidden "ON" button
General Sizing Ideas

Small - perfect for the average 15 year old
Medium - most of the staff wears medium... Brad, Mike, Jake, Pete, Daniel
Large - something a little bigger.

Want to be sure? Download the Exact sizing chart.
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  2. Summary

    Again the battery didn't work as expected.
    Otherwise the band is fine.
  3. Summary

    As the other reviews, the battery that was in the wristband didn't work, not to worry because I ordered the 5x battery pack as well after reading the reviews. You will need a small screwdriver to replace the battery.

    It is very nicely designed, very sleek. Don't expect to be able to keep it on for long periods of time at all.

    It is a bit chunky and big for a woman however that doesn't take away from the nice design. It doesn't have any involvement in any tricks that I know of, it's a statement piece.

    Love it :)
  4. Summary

    Same issue with battery not working that came with the wristband. Worked after replacement. The locking clip is somewhat difficult but decent idea. Still Dope.
  5. Summary

    Got mine today and I'm pumped!! I have a pretty big show coming up and I'm stoked to wear it on stage. Same issue with the battery that came in the wristband itself not working but that's a non-issue. Overall im hyped..
  6. Summary

    The band itself looks quite nice and like the photos show. While it came with two batteries the one within the band was flat, so really only came with on. Also a bit bulkier than I expected, but oh well. Looks great in the dark though!
  7. Summary

    fiIt came in a cool circular box, i liked it. The first problem was the battery that came inside wasn't working, i replaced It and It turned on. The second one was the extremely difficult mechamism of locking and the rubber was a little bit strange.
    I used it like 4 times and i left it, when i took It back it didn't turn on, i think it broke when i was struggling triying to put It on. Very good idea, bad quality and the Rest where (i hope) manufacture errors.