Have them screaming and running down the street as you create smoke from your bare hands. Beautiful white smoke and Black Arcane cards are a match made for each other. Add Pure Smoke to your list now.

A spectator's thought becomes engraved on your arm. Marks of blood under the sking slowly and visually rearrange themselves to form the thought of number, card or name. If Stigmata by Wayne Houchin doesn't send them home screaming, nothing will.
Move items at will. Change a coin on someone's hand. Make a chicken bone stand on end. Vanish objects. Stop a spectator's watch. Make their jaws drop with the eerie magic you create with The M5 System. Check it out. Harness the potential of your M5 System with the M5 Tactics and Training Collection. Nails, Cell Phones, Cigarettes, Coins, Keys and Cards - they all come to life with these 14 effects from M5 Pro, Justin Miller. Save on both the M5 System and the M5 Tactics & Training DVD's when you bundle them together.
If there was a performer that was more suited to Halloween magic then Dee Christopher, we're yet to see them. Pick up How to get away with Murder. to learn the tricks of the 'psychics' and 'mediums' that can supposedly communicate with the departed. Shock Magic is always huge this time of year - which is where A Single Needle shines. Have a spectator 'fish' for a needle you've just swallowed using a piece of thread... that you also swallow. This is Houdini's master effect, as performed by Houchin.

In a flash of fire, a piece of wire bends itself to reveal a spectators card. Wiregrams allow you to do magic that just shouldn't be possible. There is no explanation for it. It's Magic, and you make it happen.

The Shift Self Bending Paperclip is the perfect effect for fooling spectators at school or the office. A paperclip is pulled into a straight wire - but magically reforms inside a specatator's closed fist. Get Shift Paperclip now.

David Blaine made a coin disappear from a kid's hand in "Street Magic". Criss Angel changed a Candy into a Cockroach. Whatever floats your boat this year, it's a fair bet it's done with The Raven.

One of the biggest reputation makers for a magician is levitating off the ground. Whether you proclaim yourself a demon, an angel, a ghost or just plain awesome King Rising will raise more than pulses this Halloween as both feet leave the ground.
Loops are the ultimate utility for Halloween. Everything from levitations to animations to PK Touch effects (It's a Ghost!) Make sure you stock up on Mesika Loops today so you're always ready to perform.
Illuminate takes card revelations to a whole new level, as the image of a spectator's card forms within the flame of a borrowed lighter. Have them take a photo to document your abilities - their card is seen clear as day in the fire. This is Illumin8.

Gimmicked and Self Working Decks

The Arcane Invisible Deck does all the work for you, leaving you to concentrate on your performance.

The Shadow Masters Rising Deck is perfect for Halloween, a chosen card slowly rises out of the deck.

We know you love Shadow Masters -so pick up a matching Shadow Masters Invisible Deck.

The Black Tiger Gaff Deck with creepy Kings, coffin cards and tripped out magic treads the line between magic and occult.

The original custom deck, The Black Tiger Invisible Deck is getting low on stock. Don't miss out on getting yours.

You can't go past a good ol' Svengali deck, and the Svengali Black Tiger Deck has you kitted out in style.

Bust out a Ghost Deck to perform your Halloween magic, and end your set with the Ghost Invisible Deck to bring down the house.

The, Svengali Ghost Deck wraps all the self-working incredible magic possible with a Svengali in the skin of a Ghost Deck.

Finish your Ghost Deck round up with the Ghost Gaff Deck. That King says it all really, doesn't it?