Madison Hellions V4 Playing Cards

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Please Note: This is version 4 of the Hellions, and does not have the devil printed on the inside of the tuck box, as shown in the video.
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  1. Aljoscha

    What do you expect? They are Madison cards.
    They actually feel weird right out the box imo but after a few minutes you start to realize this is one of the best decks ever distributed!
  2. Summary

    This deck is amazing. Would have gave it 5 stars if it still came with the demon hand card. Still a must buy...
  3. Summary

    I love these! Stock is good the art is fan-damn-tastic! I use these for venues and themes that the art will be admired and not questioned. The 'extras' that this deck comes with are great also. Your traditional stuff and a few others. The pointing card is a big plus. Tuck box is different and a attention gainer. Great for killing time between banter.
  4. Summary

    These are the Devil cards I’ve always imagined very Dark, Perfect for kid shows j/k no but it fits my personality, I have V1 and V2 waiting on the V3’s
  5. Summary

    I have massive hands. I am 6'9" and my hands seem to wrap around most decks 2 or 3 times. While the confessions decks are not made out of supernatural material, it sure feels that way to me. In particular the Hellions. I love it when deck designers and artists take the kind of time necessary to have their decks tell a story. Or better yet, provide the pieces for the performer to tell a story. That is what you have with this deck. They are thin, soft, and hold their shape exceedingly well even when a giant like me abuses them so much. I have purchased 4 full sets of these, and with the help of my very creative children (ages 8-21) I am well on my way to creating a performance that tells a 35 minute story all the way through 4 decks. These are by far my favorites. If I were a real pro instead of a hack trying to impress his children and wife I would put this story to video. Thanks for creating these. Talk about a wonderful family project!
  6. Summary

    I have the whole series of Confessions and while Martyrs are my favourite, the Hellions are freaking SICK. <3
  7. Summary

    This deck is my Top 1 pick for DM-designed cards. It has the right blend between simplicity, boldness, contrast, and uniqueness. I seriously like everything about this deck; definitely under-rated.
  8. Summary

    Other than damage that was it came with the delivery, (I have picture proof) the cards handle greatly, still bummed that the card box has damage.
  9. Summary

    There is a dank trick you can do with the demon hand card.
  10. Summary

    It's a good handling deck from Madison but i don't still know how the gimmicked card card should be used