Holely by Will Tsai (Gimmicks and DVD)

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Picture this; you take out a playing card, business card or other card-like object and punch a hole into it with your trusty hole punch. You have a spectator hold onto the card while you pinch the hole between your fingers and visibly move it, from one end of the card to the other ACROSS the signature. The spectator can now keep the card, moved hole and all.

This is Holely. Will has kindly volunteered to conduct a Q&A session for this effect in our forums in this thread.

• Multiple reusable Gimmicks Included.
• No Duplicate Cards.
• No Magnets.
• No Rubber Cement.
• Spectator Signed Card.
• Spectator Holds card while hole is being moved.
• Nothing but you, your cards, your hole punch.

You can even have the spectator sign the card before you begin, and wear it home around their neck.

Will Tsai is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with in the world of magic, and with Holey, he only strengthens that reputation.

Impressive. Try it for yourself.

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  1. Summary

    this looks like a cool affect but sadly i couldn't enjoy it because my silver thing wasn't sticky enough so it was just sitting their like any other piece of paper
  2. Summary

    Hole-In-Card effects are dead. Long live Holely...and Will of course.

    Like a Sir.
  3. Summary

    This is #*+>]&@ awesome
  4. most practical hole moving effects

    A lot of hole moving effects are stupid and everyone figures them out. not this. this is one the most versatile hole moving gimmicks. sinkhole by dave forrest is a great trick add this gimmick and you have pure astonish ment
  5. Great trick, awesome gimmick

    Amazing trick! Very easy and straight forward explanation by Will Tsai. Awesome gimmick!
  6. Love it!

    This is the $%@!. Once you get everything right and understand how to execute, this trick is a powerful tool to have in your arson. 4½ Stars from me!

    Long live STREETMAGIC :)
  7. If you only buy 1 magic trick, purchase this one. It blows people's minds.

    Any magic trick that is given away at the end of the effect, is truly worth it's weight in gold. The spectator is not only left with their signed card, but a effect that will create a lasting memory as well. A true reputation builder for any magician.
  8. SO EASY... I am loving this thing..

    The illusion is SO deceptive. This guy is a freak...

    I tried this out and found this has no angle issue or whatsoever. My girlfriend freaked out! There's this handling in the DVD that makes this effect SO EASY to perform and instant resets itself. This is going into my walk around gig.

  9. I am a new fan!!

    Some thoughts after I watched the DVD...

    Very creative.
    Great teaching.
    Deceptive illusion.

    Didn't look that cool in the mirror after I know what to look for, but fool the heck out of EVERYONE!! Did it for like 10x in a roll. The reaction is AMAZING!

    The effect is SO direct and strong. Nothing fancy at all. Out of the many and I mean many moving hole effects I learned over the past 8 years, none comes close to this!

    Highly, highly, recommend this! I am a new fan!

  10. easy concept but difficult to perform

    When I was watching the DVD this effect look almost impossible and the explanation was amazing, easy to under stand. Thought when doing this yourself, it it alot harder than it looks. The gimmick(s) are very hard to control and not as easy as I thought they would be, and I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I do this in the mirror, the effect doesn't look as cool to me. Other than that, it is amazing.