Hover Card (Gimmick Only)

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  1. Summary

    The hover card is just amazing. I real eye popper. I'm so happy I was able to purchase it before it went out of stock. This effect really blows peoples minds. If your looking for something that will make them remember you for the rest of their life, this is it. RIght here. The Hover Card.
  2. a MUST HAVE. This illusion is a realy reputation maker

    I consistently fall back on this performance as a memory maker. People absolutely freak out. The hover card gets some of the most consistent astonishing reactions out of any card routine out there. It's not only a beautiful routine and displays some remarkable performance visuals, but it completely bends the mind of your spectator. The card is selected at random, and the entire deck and all cards can be examined immediately after the performance. You know things are going well when your a-type personalities are creating methods beyond strings or wires and are assuming magnets or some other type of forces being used and they are all dead wrong. Learn this one and learn it well. Be aware of the environment you are performing it in and your angles (which are really quite luxurious) and you will definitely have a show stopping affect that can bring your card magic to another level.

    Deceptive Entertainment
  3. most powerful magic i know

    i did the trick to my hole family and they flipped, i highly think it is worth the price and you will use it wherever you go.