Hovercard Levitating Card

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The Gimmick - Has been difficult to obtain anywhere. Now manufactured by Ellusionist, you can count on perfection and smoothness of operation every time. Take care of it and it will last a long time. Available in Ghost, Viper, Tiger and Red/Blue Bicycle.

Training DVD Included
Get trained in the art of making a card rise and float in this MTV-style, no-holds-barred, 50 minute DVD with acclaimed teacher Brad Christian. Even a beginner will understand what to do with ease.

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  1. this is an amazing crowd stunner

    this deck is amazing.
    i highly reckomend this deck
    as soob as you get good,show it to a bunch of girls
  2. Excellent to combine with other tricks...

    I got the Ghost Hovercard as part of a larger order, including a matching Rising Card deck. It occurred to me after a few days that there are ways of combining these two tricks together to get more "life" out of them than if they were presented individually. They get strong reactions when I use them together. A good three-trick routine would be to "guess" the selected card, followed by a Rising Card and then a Hovercard as the finale. I like to use the patter that I've been studying Einstein, learning to tap into the energy found in matter but on a small scale, yadda yadda yadda. My audiences have been eating it up. Just remember to watch your angles and treat the gimmick gently - mine broke, but it was easily repaired with a little clear adhesive tape.

    I later purchased a Bicycle Hovercard as well - be aware that Hovercards are available without the DVD, as "refills" in the Accessories section. You don't need a second (identical) DVD if you already bought a Hovercard before. I do, however, highly recommend the DVD if you are getting this trick for the first time.
  3. In-Depth and Amazing

    I have seen some reviews stating that the DVD is too simplistic for the effect, but I have to disagree. I think that Brad does a great job on the DVD covering everything you need to know to use the hovercard and present it in an effective way. The hovercard itself is fragile, but that's to be expected with something like this. With a little work I think extra ones could be constructed if you were of a mind to do so...however if you're careful with it you shouldn't need to replace it unless you use it daily for a long time.
  4. very cool!!!!!

    The trick itself is ingenious but the gimmick is a little flimsy. You can't palm it and can be tricky to get out of the deck when others want to examine. but overall it simple gets peoples attention.
  5. Closest to perfect a card trick can get!

    The Hovercard Levitating Card has been, and still is, one of my most favorite card effects i have performed! Simple, and absolutely mind shattering! Its something that is completely unexpected by the audience, and when performed gets powerful results!!!
  6. Amazing.

    When i first heard about it i thought it was just some card with a string trick but man i was wrong.
    I would recomend this dvd for any one who luves magic like me the reactions are amazing. Made me laugh.
  7. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With my hover card I did the most stupidist thing and lost it in the deck. t broke but I got to use it ,and it is really cool. I broke it even more and tried to fix it with super glue (don't try that, just listen to the next sentence!!!!!!!!!).I sent a messege to customer service and they sent me a new one.
  8. AMAZING Effect (with durability issues)

    One of the first tricks I ordered from this site, the Hovercard is DYNAMITE in relatively close quarters, and can be substituted in and out of the deck easily. Unfortunately, the gimmick I ordered broke after only 3 uses, so I cannot recommend it for purchase, unless the quality of the manufacturing has improved (especially at $20 a gimmick + shipping).
  9. Great effect

    Really cool effect, and very easy to do. I've had some pretty strong reactions from this one -- people kind of just stare open mouthed and aren't really sure what to say. Very different from a traditional trick where I will usually get laughter or joking around. People are literally creeped out (in a good way!) after this one. I would recommend giving it a try.
  10. It was okay

    This was a pretty good trick up until today when i was setting up to go and perform out on the street it fell apart, i was gentle with it but it broke quite easily so i rate it 3/5