Hovercard Levitating Card

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The Gimmick - Has been difficult to obtain anywhere. Now manufactured by Ellusionist, you can count on perfection and smoothness of operation every time. Take care of it and it will last a long time. Available in Ghost, Viper, Tiger and Red/Blue Bicycle.

Training DVD Included
Get trained in the art of making a card rise and float in this MTV-style, no-holds-barred, 50 minute DVD with acclaimed teacher Brad Christian. Even a beginner will understand what to do with ease.

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  1. Turns non-believers to believers

    My mom was completely a non believer and was skeptical about buying this stuff. Once it arrived i watched the DVD, which was very helpful, and showed it to my mom. She was very shocked and is no longer a non-believer. She now completely trusts ellusionist. But i have to admit that i was a little skeptical about buying from ellusionist but that is no longer a problem. Great trick ellusionist. Can't wait to buy more products.
  2. i cant wait

    people say that its awsome and its a awsome gimick
  3. It's an amazing gimmick,& detailed video. I will freak out my grandchildren .

    My wife's mouth remand open all the time I performed the routine.
  4. AMAZING!!!!

    one night I got my hover card and I played around with it,didn't think it was too great as everyone said. I had also bought a ghost deck so I found that more ''worth my money'' but then I watched the dvd and I showed it to my grandparents and they freaked out and then I showed some collage kids and they went crazy! lets just say that Ellusionist is AMAZING!!!!
  5. The best trick that Ellusionist has to offer.

    This trick is one of the best tricks Ellusionist has to offer. The gimmick is really clever, no one expects it. They can even see it from behind, nothing to catch. You just have to watch your angles on it, but if you have it down you can make mind-blowing magic with this. It can't be examined, but they won't need to because their mouths would be dropped open, they won't even say a thing. Props to ellusionist, this IS one of the best tricks you sell!
  6. The hovercard is perfect in almost every way possible.

    The Hovercard is a magnificent trick that is easy to handle. I enjoy doing it everytime i have the opportunity, and fit it in to every performance i do. It has never failed to wow the audience or spectator. The hovercard is perfect in almost every way possible.
  7. The effect is amazing

    I did this trick for some of my friends in the school lunch room. Right as I finished, I heard from the other side of a room cramed with a hundred or more people, "Hey can you come over here and do that?" It was great that the only people that didnt have there jaws on the floor were they only ones that hadent watched me do the trick. It works and the effect is amazing."
  8. The reactions were great.

    I bought this and when it came I poped the dvd in my ps2 and started watching it and learned how to do it. Then i went downstairs and showed my family and they went crazy. After like an hour later, I put it in my magic collection and let it collect dust. One day we were have a party at my uncles house and I'm known as the magicman there so I decided to take it with me just to see what kind of reaction I could get and you wouldn't believe it!! Everyone one went crazy!!! I showed my uncle and he turned blood red!! He was in shock... he was like someone give me water hurry! It was funny, but the reactions were great!!
  9. I use the effect and like it a lot.

    I use the effect and like it a lot. It’s in my own personal video demo (I like it that much). At the right moment it’s a killer illusion that looks superior to over-exposed card-on-a-string methods. The motion is great and the levitation adds a dimension not seen in other close-up levitations.
  10. AMAZING trick

    You know this is a AMAZING trick the first time magicians see this trick it wont impress you but Geez the Results from spectators is way more than enough. the first time i saw it was a newbie trying it out and he had no idea i was a magician so he tried his best, I couldnt believe everyones face's. and thats when i moved and saw the gimmick its such a simple yet ingenious trick i went out and bought some stuff to make the gimmick tring to figure out what would be good material and made it. however the performace wasnt the same so i bought the DVD and i was helped out alot