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100% of 100
I was in the audience when a portion of this was filmed in Hollywood... just in listening to Scott's portion, I already have made more this month than I did when I was a full time Engineer. Scott really shows how to make a TRUE business out of Magic.

- Derek Ostovani

We’ve broken down Scott Tokar’s Hollywood lecture into four affordable sections. Giving you the opportunity to try before you buy, as you take your career to the next level.

Six Figures- PART 1 introduces Scott Tokar as one of the leading experts in professional magic. Tokar will lay down the secrets to:

• 100k +
• National median income
• Perspective
• Your Goal
• Determining your pay
• Going pro
• Making six figures
• Art vs Business
• Quitting your job
• Striving for excellence
• Ethics
• Finding a mentor
• Learning your craft
• Contact management software
• Leads and sales
• Phone contact sheet
• Contract and agreements
• Contract riders
• Work life Balance

Part one is jammed packed with tons of tips and tricks to help you right out of the gate. Don’t wait any longer, take your first step now!

Six Figures- Part 2 takes you through growing your brand and all things money.  Get professional insight on:

• Invoices
• Money
• Your Brand
• Taxes and Licences
• Search engine optimization
• Your website
• Email & Social media
• Agents
• Selling to agents
• Selling direct
• Repeat bookings
• How much should you charge
• What do your competitors charge
• What is your 100k potential
• Chuck E. Cheese
• Dave and Busters

This section will help you analyze your brand and product to see if its 100k ready. Don’t miss out on any of these secrets, dive in to part 2 now!

Six Figures- Part 3 is about looking at the people, places and quality of your product. You learn tips on:

• Selling quality
• Every magic package
• Cross advertising opportunities
• Co-op marketing
• Supply and demand
• Giving yourself a raise
• What is your market
• Becoming an expert at one thing
• Creating an act for a venue
• Restaurants
• Bar magic
• Birthday party magic
• Private party magic
• Street preforming
• Trade shows
• Sales meetings
• Keynote speaking
• Cruise ships
• Nightclubs and comedy clubs
• YouTube
• Fairs and festivals
• Gospel magic and schools
• Libraries and scouts

Part three goes over a ton of different venues and how to make sure each one gets a quality performance. This section is a must watch, download it now!

Six Figures- Part 4 is a crash course in marketing 101, a crucial part in building your brand. You will learn:

• General practitioner
• Creating your own market
• Marketing 101
• Your storefront
• Your logo
• The corporate look
• Your URL
• Business cards
• Web pages
• Conversions
• Search engines
• In person promotion
• Your email voice
• Email marketing
• Snail mail marketing
• Outboard phone marketing
• Exposure
• YouTube Marketing
• Social media marketing
• Secondary web presence
• Encouragement
• Blogging
• Yellow pages
• Traditional advertising
• News and announcements
• Publicity stunts
• Dress the part
• Needs and wants
• Leaving your client hungry
• Environmental sensitivity
• Growing your business
• Organizations and associations
• Music
• Being self sufficient
• Your phone voice

Part 4 finishes off strong with some of the most crucial information about getting your name out there, and how to build a following. Learn these vital secrets now!

Normally this course costs $349 (See the full course HERE)

Take the opportunity to kick the tires and TEST Six Figures for yourself at a fraction of that cost. We guarantee you’ll see the difference this makes in building your business and getting to the next level. You’re going to want ALL the parts, but start with one or two and test the info. How to Make Six Figures WILL take you to the next level, but it’s up to you to take the first step. Start learning today.



From Brad Christian


I remember those days, those days where I scraped by in life. The weeks and months that drone into years of living “that way”. You’ve all heard the stories, listened to the podcasts, of me scraping by while I did magic on the street in New York. I’ve scraped for more years that I care to think about.

I hate “NSF” (non-sufficient funds) checks, but would lose $50-$80 a month just because my bank account was never balanced!

Don’t you hate hoping you get the next show in time to cover rent? That lifestyle is one you have to get out of. Don’t get used to it, get OUT of it.

Tokar’s compilation of guerilla business methods in magic should be standard issue in every magician’s learning material. Stop buying decks and tricks for just a minute, and start putting a solid living into your bank account. Start learning how to handle your business. And when I say that, I mean taxes, write-offs, legal, record keeping, organization. Organization is the first step toward getting yourself out of Scraping By.


When I started doing shows at 16, I put an ad in the paper with Have Rabbit Will Travel as the first line. I did loads of kid’s shows, birthday parties, church shows, and the occasional adult show. I charged $100-$150 or so. Sometimes I got $200. It takes a lot of those shows to scrape together a living every month.

I learned what worked by trial and error, but I never knew exactly what you should say on the phone with a client. My heart would always race when I heard, “Hi, I'm calling about the ad in the paper”. Then my mind would go into overdrive trying to find out what kind of people they were, how much they had to spend, whether I should go a little higher or a little lower….if I should ask for a deposit.

I wish I had a Course that existed like this one.

It would have shortened my years of struggling and boosted my income in mere months instead of years. I would have had a better life, one that didn’t have the drama of hoping to make rent by the end of the month.

My point, if you can get the advice that takes you there sooner, do it. That’s what we did this project for, so you can get there faster. Of all the people I’ve taught, you wouldn’t believe how many have come up to me at magic conventions, or on the street, who now make their living at magic. How many of them have shared that they have become highly paid professionals which started with Ellusionist videos.

If you’re just making that climb, or starting to, let this 18 hour – all inclusive – project of Tokar’s help you. Let it take your income and boost it as high as you would like it to be. If you can buy the advice early, do it. Would have saved me 20 years.

- Brad Christian - Ellusionist Founder and CEO

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  1. Summary

    You OWE IT to yourself to purchase this. After the first hour, I realized, THIS IS THE BEST MAGIC PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE! Scott has decades of experience and wisdom, and above all, the genuine drive to teach you the in's and out's of show business. You've worked so hard to make your Magic amazing, now its time to make your hard work PAY OFF! BUY NOW!!
  2. Summary

    I purchased this and am working my way through the material. There have been a few tips so far that will easily pay for the cost of the course. Thanks Scott.

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  3. Summary

    Wow! I was apart of the audience in Hollywood when we filmed this and I cannot say enough good things about this material! Seriously just being there for the few hours that we filmed that part of it was absolutely worth the price alone!!

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  4. Summary

    While the price may intimidating, the material is worth double the amount that is asked. The information that is being taught has been amassed over the course of decades. Mr. Tokar and Ellusionist have assembled all that you need to know to make your dreams of being a professional magician a reality. This course won't only make you a better magician, it'll make you a better person. This has my highest recommendation.

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  5. Summary

    shows you the ins and outs, the background to the business, but more importantly, it teaches you how to be a safe, legal business. Plus make more money than 92% of the country!

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  6. Summary

    Imagine you could take a successful pro to lunch and ask him how he generates his income. Would you even know the best questions to ask? Scott has put a wealth of information only a click away, offering you valuable tips and insights into being a successful performer in a variety of the most lucrative markets. Whatever your level, you'll find something here that can take you to the next level. I'm happy to have been one of the many pros Scott interviewed for this series.

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  7. Summary

    I was actually in the audience for Scott's presentation (when it was filmed). I am a full time professional, as was just about everyone else in the audience that day. I can tell you that this course is worth the money if you want to increase your business. This is not about tricks or technique on how to make you a better performer. This is a business class designed to help you become more professional. It's often said that in Show Business, the business is twice as much as the show... and it's true. Now, if you want to learn tricks, this isn't for you. If you want to learn the hard truths about making more money with your magic (even if it's just for a weekend or two a month), this is a wise investment. But a warning... what he tells takes work. If your cards, coins, and routines are the product you're selling, this is your Masters education in the business of magic. Be warned, if you get this and do what he advises you will be busy - in all the best possible ways.

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  8. Summary

    My name is Derek Ostovani and I was in the audience when a portion of this was filmed in Hollywood, I actually traveled from San Diego for it. I have to say; that just in listening to Scott's portion, and implement just a few of the items Scott spoke on, I already have made more this month than I did when I was a full time Engineer. Scott really shows how to make a TRUE business out of Magic. I can only imagine that with the other 12 or so people that are interviewed, that will help exponentially grow one's business.

    (Review duplicated from the full version of this product)
  9. Summary

    As someone who considers themselves incredible honest in reviewing new magic releases, I must say this series is phenomenal. Not only does Scott extraordinary advice, but he also does it in a way that reinvigorates my passion to work on my craft. So far I've gone through the introduction and David Penn's interview (as I performed at a wedding reception last weekend) and I cannot thank Scott enough for putting so much good information, advice, and material into one comprehensive series. If you're looking into going full time with magic or you're looking to step up your career, I believe you'll be hard pressed to find another resource that is as thorough and covers such a wide array of information. Overall, I give this 5-Stars!

    (review duplicated from the full version of this product)