Hypnotic Pull by Patrick G Redford

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Hypnotic pull is an examinable, multi-phase light/heavy box, using a deck of cards.

It's the perfect opener, because the magic begins before the cards even come out of the box.

The spectator is shown a normal deck and asked to pick-it-up. Easy right? Wrong.

Like a modern day hammer of Thor, only the righteous can pick this up.

Try as they might, the box won't budge.

This stolen strength can then be deposited back into their body at will, with a snap, touch or spoken word.

But that's not all, for phases 2 and 3, the challenge gets easier, but the results stay the same.

They are asked to just take the cards out of the box.

The harder they pull, the harder the deck sticks inside the box. Even after you remove half the deck, they still can't pull the remaining cards out.

Hypnotic Pull comes complete with the special gimmicks, a 48 page pocket size book of instructions, as well as access to a video performance and tutorial.

Taking up almost zero pocket space, this ingenious gimmick can be added to ANY deck of cards and is 100% heckler-proof.

Finally retire the line 'pick a card'.

Perform Hypnotic Pull TODAY.


In addition, Patrick teaches a routine called “Stop Smoking” that simulates the same effect with a pack of cigarettes. Making it impossible for a participant to remove his or her cigarettes from the box.

Please note: Patrick Redford would like to reserve TV performance rights. You can perform this live anywhere, anytime, but please contact the artist for permission directly if you're going to be performing this on TV. 

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  1. Summary

    People need to understand that your just not purchasing the gimmick. The explanation comes with it also. I started using this immediately after I got it and the reaction I got from people are awesome. It's simple but extremely effective.
  2. Summary

    Complete waste of $35

    What you get isn't even worth $5, you probably already have it lying around AND you cant even perform it online or on TV. With the price given, that's just a scam.

    The trick has fooled no one so far. That or they just are not fazed or super impressed, nothing like in the trailer. Even with the notes on performance, it does nothing for the effect. The video is poorly shot and does not specify details that should be shown close up for the best method of instruction. The booklet is said to be the main part, with the video an add-on, but it was basically worthless as well.

    People see the gimmick with the first phase, never before has someone not seen it or pointed it out. The second phase is the best, but thats still not saying much, because along with the third phase, people start goofing around and, ergo, finally catch on. What can you do? The deck is in their hands! The audience is not stupid! They will catch on!

    The author of this effect says it's near perfect, I'd argue it rushed off the drawing board prematurely. A terrible product, in my eyes; it's not even a product! I feel like I bought nothing. Only a silly pamphlet, a "gimmick" that most people already have, a poorly shot instruction video, a trick that DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD. And a scolding to not perform it online or on tv. what a waste. Stay away. Save your money. Buy FaceOff, much better product.
  3. Summary

    This is a complete Rip Off. What you get is a gimmick that cost about 25cents. Save ur money. Patrick should be ashamed to sell this at this price. It's WAY OVER PRICED.