ICE Change by Valdemar Gestur

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  1. Summary

    This is a really great change, it take some practice to really get it down. but when you do its good.
  2. Summary

    amazing color change effect
  3. Summary

    great colour change once u get the hang of it. takes a bit of time to perfect but it's worth it
  4. difficult to master but very powerful impact

    I found the instruction quite easy to follow. The angles were great and method of demonstration was spectacular.
    Upsides: Easy instruction for an incredible card change effect. Very easy to follow demonstration from great angles.
    Downside: although easy to understand and follow it is a difficult trick to master.

    I'm very excited to have added this to my repertoire. Be prepared to practice and fight off a bit of frustration at first. Once you have this down you will have a fantastic card change that is quite deceptive up your sleeve.
  5. LOVE IT!!!

    This is by far my most favorite color change. It looks so awesome. The best part is that it happens without cover. It defiantly took a bit of repetitious practice, but well worth it. Angles are not a big issue either. If you like color changes, ICE CHANGE is the best in my opinion. Video quality is great, very clear instructions. Thanks again for another great product.
  6. Instructional video is very to the point and the change is well worth $5

    GREAT Change! It does take some practice and getting used to, and there is some minor clean up to worry about, but nothing that is too hard. The change, as you can see, is very visual and worth the time and practice. For a few bucks, the change is well worth it! The video is very to the point and teaches you what you need to know in a very short amount of time.
  7. decent easy to learn card change

    very easy to learn, harder to clean up but worth the practice. Valdemar is an INCREDIBLE master of card handling. Once you get the trick smoothed out and your breaks covered this trick is a lightning fast, seemingly impossible change (like all magic SHOULD appear to be).

    This trick has been added to my arsenal.

    Thanks again Valdemar and Illusionist for another fine product.