Ice Cold ACAAN

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A true any card at any number.

Ice Cold ACAAN is like nothing we've ever seen before. A freely named card is miraculously dealt at ANY number chosen.

ACAAN is a plot that's been done to death.

Mitchell Kettlewell has dug it up and revived it into a workable piece for people of all skill levels.

Unlike most ACAAN methods, which usually have major drawbacks, this has none. Zilch, nothing... nada.

• No force 
• No stooges 
• No gimmicks 
• No memorized stack needed 
& They can change their mind.

The beauty of Ice Cold ACAAN is that you only need a NORMAL deck and the ability to count to 52. Easy. 

This really is as clean as it gets. 

Download Ice Cold ACAAN.

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Customer Reviews

  • by dimitri

    Nov 2017

    The method is easy, but works well. Lots of time in the tutorial is dedicated to barely repeating the effect, rather then giving useful tips. Still many cool tips for performing. And the method DOES allow you to deal cards face up, you just need to use another stack.

  • by Owen

    Nov 2017

    One of the best tricks I've ever learned. This effect is so powerful and clean and can be done in so many ways. Definitely one I will perform for the rest of my life.

  • by Charles

    Aug 2017

    Good ACAAN, but misleading product. It explains that there is no stack work necessary, but in the trailer the cards are dealt face up, which requires stack work. Obviously the effect can be changed to suit that pretty easily, but the trailer utilizing stack work and the download itself not being as visual or clean as with the stack work doesn't sit well with me.