Ice Cold ACAAN

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A true any card at any number.

Ice Cold ACAAN is like nothing we've ever seen before. A freely named card is miraculously dealt at ANY number chosen.

ACAAN is a plot that's been done to death.

Mitchell Kettlewell has dug it up and revived it into a workable piece for people of all skill levels.

Unlike most ACAAN methods, which usually have major drawbacks, this has none. Zilch, nothing... nada.

• No force 
• No stooges 
• No gimmicks 
• No memorized stack needed 
& They can change their mind.

The beauty of Ice Cold ACAAN is that you only need a NORMAL deck and the ability to count to 52. Easy. 

This really is as clean as it gets. 

Download Ice Cold ACAAN.

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  1. Jose Antonio

    This ACAAN is a very beautiful effect that makes it look impossible because you never touch the deck, just open the case, deal the cards and voilà! It’s done. I give it 4 stars because this method only works with cards face down and that’s not so powerful as dealing cards facing up. But definitely worth the money, your audience will be amazed because really looks like pure magic.
  2. crystal

    The title is misleading and I bought this fairly early to release so there were little reviews and honestly it’s pretty misleading. It is not a true accan which means it can be ruined if the spectator chooses certain cards and number where the card is. Overall don’t like and would prefer a refund over the knowledge of knowing how to do it
  3. Summary

    Very powerful effect. This download has plenty of information to get you started learning this routine. A must have in your magic arsenal.
  4. Summary

    I love this ACAAN routine it makes it look impossible!!!
  5. Summary

    I love this ACAAN! It is very very easy to learn and also fun to do. Can totally recommend this for anyone who loves ACAAN routines.
  6. Summary

    This ACAAN is a game changer.
  7. Summary

  8. Summary

    This is a brilliant method for an ACCAN. But there are some issues with it. First off it is false advertisement saying “true any card any number” because it’s not. It is any card but not any number. This isn’t that big of an issue though because he does teach how to change their mind and it seems very fair. There is also a bit mental math involved so if you are one that doesn’t like that stuff then this isn’t for you. Also unless you know Mnemonica this cannot be performed face up. Personally I don’t know it so I was pretty bummed to see that I couldn’t do it face up which looks a ton better then face down. Any way it is a great trick and worth the cheap price. No harm in getting it I think. It’s a pretty cool idea
  9. Summary

    Usually I'm not too fond of ACAAN's becuase of the sleights that can be easy but doesn't allow the effect to excel as you have to look through the cards, find their card, cull it and so on. But... this is an exception. This really does have the effect of a true ACAAN as you don't touch the deck as they name their card and number which really give the purpose of ACAAN that the card they named was at the number they named. Most people will complain about the need for a stack that needs to be memorised, but this can easily be overcome as Mitchell talks about in the explanation. Overall this is definitley a trick to pick up for all magician's whether advanced or beginner. Plus, it's only $9. Pick it up now and you won't regret it.
  10. Summary

    ACAAN is my favourite card magic plot and I've been looking for one that could be really straight forward, no fancy moves, nothing, just dealing the cards. I don't think there's any other method more direct than this one. In the video there's one presentation that I really love for stage magic. Mitchell explains that he goes to the audience and ask them to shuffle a packet of playing card at the beginning of the show. Then puts the pack in an envelope, continues the show, and performs this ACAAN as a closer. I really love that idea, and I think that is the real potential of this method.