ICEShot Aces by Valdemar Gestur

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  1. This is an absolute review of what you have to face to get this trick down.

    This is the first trick I bough without following my gut. I usually research every trick I buy and determine whether or not I should be able to do it. I am a beginner to SOH's and I thought that this would be a good start. I mean I read that it took alot of practice and that it was for intermediates. I thought that with relentless practice I would get this down. Boy was I wrong. Seriously when they say intermediate they MEAN intermediate. As in 'not for beginners'! It's a good trick (and I was able to pull it off like 1/20 times) but if your a noob at SOH's than pass on this until you gain more experience.

    (F.Y.I. I literally practiced until my little finger started to bleed(I mean REALLY bleed) and I still did not get it completely down. Seriously it is difficult.)
  2. not for the feint of heart

    well im 12 and bought this and i still cant get the sleight down i end up with cards every were so if you buy this i recommend big hands or dexterity