IceShot by Valdemar Gestur

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  1. Summary

    Great effect. However, was a bit disappointed that there were no verbal instructions. Just a 10 minute video where the first 7 minutes just show the magician performing variations of the same effect followed by a short explanation.
    As a stroke survivor my ability to capture visual input has been diminished. I NEED audible instructions too.
    Nevertheless.., it's still a really cool effect. I just wish I had know prior to purchasing the download because I would've gladly spent my money on another effect that I could actually listen to.
  2. Summary

    This trick is amazing. the technique is quite hard to do but with enough practise it will look great.
  3. Summary

    Nice views on the video, covering all technical aspects and a great soundtrack to go with. A little hard to get for beginners but sweet trick though. Thanks!