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Lloyd's creative mind races.

His follow-up from bestseller Diffuse is ICON, fusing magic with technology to create an optical gem that you carry on you at all times.

Specializing in super-slow visuals and devastatingly-easy methods, Lloyd looks for that unique moment in a trick where you can deliberately pause the effect, so you can SEE the magic as it happens.

ICON allows you to put a torn corner from a signed card on top of your phone screen. A wave of your hand and the corner sinks through the glass and hides under your apps.

A brief shake and the corner goes through the phone, out the back and falls into the spectators awaiting hands.
- Use a signed card.
- iPhone (5 or higher) or Android. (4.5" - 6" screen size) (must be able to natively display videos in 1.77 aspect ratio)
- No apps...We give you everything you need.
- Easy to do.

Bring your card magic into the 21st Century. Download Now.

PERFORMANCE IDEA : Use in conjunction with Angle Z or Surge to create a multi-phase masterpiece.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 11 Minutes
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  1. Summary

    Gimmick simply does not work. Had a HTC One when this came out (a fairly common phone) and it wasn't compatible. Lloyd said he was putting out an update - said update never happened...
  2. Summary

    The only problem is that the gimmick can get outdated and that its made for iphones. I suggest android users not to get this unless you have an Samsung. But the trick its self is cool.
  3. Summary

    The basic handling and construction of the trick is fine...but, the fact is that specifically for iPhones, the "gimmick" is already out of date. It probably wouldn't take much time to recreate with the new iOS, which is really what they ought to do for this one. I can't speak for Androids, but if you have an iPhone, I'd stay away.