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Sounds impossible.

And looks impossible, too. From innovative Norwegian performer Geir Bratlie comes INFUSION. Containing extensive instruction on every facet of this rock-solid, effect, this DVD release provides all you need to know to be performing INFUSION soon.

When Geir first presented the effect to Team Ellusionist, we were hooked. Stunning in it's simplicity, and having SUCH a visual nature - we were blown away. And you will be too.

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  1. Summary

    it's an alright effect but im not sure whether the price is right for it
  2. Summary

    I like the way to do it. It was very easy.
  3. Summary

    Eh...not my fav. effect. You'll definitely need to practice this one to make sure your angles and movement are correct. If people figure it out, you may be doing it wrong. BUT...then again, it's not THAT hard to figure it out. :)
  4. Very very nice

    You've seen the video. It looks great. It is great. It's also really damn hard. Don't let people say otherwise. It's a great trick and when done as good as Gier does it, it looks phenomenal. If you DON'T do it good, it's very obvious how it's done. I love this trick. Highly recommend it.
  5. In one word... Amazing!

    I don't normally use coin magic routines (alot due to gimmick coins being American and I am Australian) but the infusion illusion is by far a favorite trick of mine!
    Its completely improv and can be done anywhere with a coin, a ring, bottlecap, anything roughly the same size of a coin! You audience will spend ages trying to guess how its done!
  6. reveiw

    i love the techneche

    this is the tricks that can be done virtually anywhere, without any gimmicks. and the spectator's reaction? priceless. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  8. Simply beautiful

    This trick is well worth the money.
  9. Its neat. for a while

    ok so it looks quite good. and the first times you do it to someone its confusing but seriously, i would advise you to keep your money in this case. or at least not let it 'pass' through glass.
  10. Simply Beautiful

    This trick is amazingly simple. So simple that you will smack yourself in the face for not thinking of it first. Do this trick right and your reputation will soar to the top of the clouds. Amazing trick. Takes lots of practice. But trying the trick itself makes you want to practice it all the time. My roommates have already yelled at me for all the sound of coins on glass :p. Add to cart. Completely worth 15 dollars. I would pay 30 dollars for it if I had too.