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The Inside Magic Learning DVD makes performing magic easier than it's ever been. You'll feel like you're one-on-one with Brad Christian, learning secrets and moves that seemed impossible before. This DVD is jam-packed with proven, tested illusions and magic tricks. Proven again and again, you will be performing mind-bending magic within hours of receiving it.

Inside Magic is about becoming one of the one in a hundred people who do powerful, effective magic tricks and card tricks, and know how to present them deadly effectively.

Inside Magic is a massive two video set jam-packed into one huge two-hour training video on ONE DVD.


  • • 2 hour gritty, effective, DVD that teaches everything you need to know to perform impossible magic in any situation.
  • • Multiple performances for live strangers demonstrates the ins and outs of all sleight of hand taught
  • • DVD moves from super-easy tricks to effects that are more of a challenge
  • • Available in high resolution download RIGHT NOW... be learning your first trick within minutes
  • • Shatters the conventional wisdom that sleight of hand cannot be learned easily
  • • You'll swear you are IN THE SAME ROOM with Brad Christian and his you're-my-friend-and-now-I'm-going--teach-you-this style.

What's on the DVD?

PART ONE - Designed to get you performing FAST

1. ReadMinds
A person picks a card and you tell them what it is by reading their mind. In this effect Brad teaches a very useful and versatile force not taught in many books. Forget the cross-cut, riffle force, classic force, etc. You will soon be using and loving this one.

2. MindReach
A pack of cards are spread face down on the table. You tell a spectator to touch the five of spades - they touch a card and it is the five of spades. They do this again and again with different cards - at your will. You can borrow any pack to do this.

3. French Drop
A coin vanishes from your bare hand and reappears anywhere you want. How complicated can learning a French drop be? With Brad's teaching you will be performing this extremely effective sleight in a matter of minutes. No more re-reading pages, rewinding VCR's wondering what they are trying to explain. Includes a little known "visual retention" addition that FORCES the spectator to believe that the coin is in your hand.

4. Wave the Aces
A trick that came into the spotlight on national television recently. You will learn an effective handling of this magnificent feat that will leave the spectator speechless... until you nail him or her with another trick you learn in this video.

5. Card in Mouth
When the magician has seemingly lost the spectator's card in the deck, the magician coughs it up out of his mouth - folded up into a tiny packet, it REALLY IS the exact same card. Another great reaction getter performed on TV. Brad teaches you step-by-step how to perform and accomplish, along with how to present this winning illusion.

6. Haunted Folding Bill
A dollar bill laying on your hand just starts folding itself up into quarters... one of the most eerie effects in magic. Forget about spending $12 on purchasing a folding bill that is hard to work with. Brad teaches how to make your own high quality bill to use for this trick. You will also learn how to give the BILL YOU JUST USED out for immediate examination.

Now we turn it up a notch:


1. Sponge Balls
A classic effect that will leave the audience laughing in awe. This will also come in handy if you ever perform at a kids party or to younger children.

2. Push-in Sponge Vanish
Imagine CLEARLY pushing a ball into your closed hand then slowly opening it to show it has completely VANISHED. The ball is then pulled back out of anywhere. Yet another helpful sleight using sponge balls taught in detail by Brad that the spectators will not believe.

3. Biddle Trick
Words cannot accurately describe this effect, which is now one of my top favorites to perform. The first time you see this you will be utterly stunned and mystified - eager to learn the secret behind this incredible effect Brad brings to you. Though Brad's teaching the Biddle Count becomes simple to learn and YOU will be doing it within MINUTES. This is worth the video by itself. A card, seen only seconds before, vanishes from the performer's hands and reappears in the deck held in the spectator's hands.

4. Flourishes
A couple great flourishes you see people perform regularly on TV. These will really enhance your magic if they are inserted correctly and not overly done. Yes, this is a preview sample from How to do Street Magic.

5. Lightening Coin Vanish
I was dumbfounded by this only to learn how easy it really is. This is what you see Brad perform in the previews using the house key. EFFECT: A coin is borrowed and placed on the table, the magician then quickly moves his fingertips straight over it and the coin vanishes. The magician's other hand is then picked up and the coin is found under that hand.

6. Slydini Cigarette Restoration
An ingenious and perfectly devised effect created by legendary mastermind known as Slydini. Brad teaches IN DEPTH how to master this effect, what misdirection to use (vital), and how to end clean. Yet another astounding illusion compiled into the gift by ellusionist.
- Trick Descriptions by: Brian Mathers, Reviewer

If you only got ONE trick out of it that you loved, and that astounded people - but that you could do in ANY situation and get incredible response, that would be worth it.

But you'll get FAR more than that (and we will have a new ellusionist client... our tests prove that time and again people come back to get ALL our videos - they're really THAT good - just look at the previews you've seen on our site!)

If you are still worried, we'll eat our hat and GUARANTEE that you will get incredible results from the video. YES - GUARANTEE IT.

Here it is...

Our Money-Back Guarantee is our personal promise... If you're not fully satisfied with the video, simply return it and we'll refund you with no questions asked within the first 30 days.

STILL want more? For a limited time only, purchase Kard Klub with Inside Magic Special Edition, and you'll receive 20% off of the purchase price of Inside Magic.

For those of you want REAL WORLD performance advice - the teaching that will get you off the couch and performing on the Streets to strangers - Kard Klub is a not-to-be-missed DVD. Focussing on the 2 Card Monte plot, Kard Klub breaks down the approaches and performances of magicians who not long ago - were exactly where you are now.

Kard Klub is full of the Inside Magic success stories. It stars real people from Ellusionist's forums, who started with our Cornerstone of Magic Series - Crash Course in Card Magic, How to Do Street Magic and Inside Magic and ended up teaching on a DVD themselves.

Don't hesitate. Add Inside Magic to your Cart NOW.

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  1. Summary

    Perfect beginner dvd. I would consider myself to be a skilled magician now but this was the perfect way to start off. I still use two of the effects on this dvd regularly.
  2. Summary

    This DVD is full of awesome tricks for all skill levels, great teaching also. Definitely worth your money.
  3. Summary

    purchased this dvd about a week ago, and i think its great.
    im just getting back into magic, after many years away from it, and the way brad teaches, he goes step by step, which is a big help to me. he is a great teacher, and i will purchase more things from him in the future.
  4. Summary

    Great for beginners!!
  5. Summary

    I found this extremely helpful, within a couple of minutes practice I was performing stunning magic to my family. It has also introduced a variety of interesting and cool illusions which will stun your audience and leave you with a great reputation.
  6. Summary

    Inside Magic is a great learning tool for close up magic. I came from the era when you had to learn slight of hand from line drawings and descriptions in book form, so I really appreciate what you guys are doing for magic instruction. Brad is a great teacher, getting directly to what matters in each effect. I own most of Brad's DVD's, and with each new one, it's obvious Brad is honing his teaching skills, as each DVD, keeps getting better. Great job guys, now Brad, it's time for you to make a new one. We're waiting.
  7. Great intro too magic!

    I liked this much better than How to do Street magic. They are some draw backs to this DVD but not enough to take away from its over all value. 1. Sponge balls were sold out on the site so I have too wait to get some to do 2 of the tricks. Also you will have to make two gaffs to do all the tricks on the DVD the haunted bill and the lighting coin vanish. The card tricks on the DVD are amazing simple and effective. I have already performed them for one random person and I let the moments happen. I was imppressed with the results Brad is a great teacher. The french drop on this is great because it gives you away to end clean instead of getting cought with the coin in the other hand. All the tricks on this DVD are easy to understand.
  8. Great video with lots of material to add to your routines.

    I used some of the routines at a class reunion and you should have seen the looks on their faces. Material is not your run-of-the-mill garden variety magic. I locked in several additional bookings as a result of that gig and this was due to ideas gained from the dvd. Thanks Brad.
  9. Perfect first choice

    This DVD was by far the best choice I've made when I began my journey through the world of magic. Clear explanations and an army of diffrent and simple tricks that DO give good reactions. What more can a beginner want?
  10. This is a must

    I literally just finished watching the IM DVD. I have to say that I was pretty pleased with this purchase. Here are my thoughts on the tricks.

    Inside Magic 1

    Read Minds: Whenever you can reach into someone's thoughts and pluck out 'any' information you seek it will always get a huge reaction. I have performed this trick for a while, however, I like to use a more complicated force.

    Mindreach: I really enjoyed this effect, especially the performance of it in which the woman helps him out. I know that I will definatly be using this one. I really love any effect in which the spectator is responsible for the magic.

    The French Drop: Already familiar with this, but, great training for beginners.

    Waving Aces: With a signed card, this effect leaves most spectators dumbfounded.

    Card in Mouth: I love how people get so grossed out with this one. The only thing better would be combining this with Sean Field's SICK.

    Haunted Folding Bill: This effect amazed me. I have yet to use it because I'm in Afghanistan right now and I want to make the gimmick right, but, you can believe I will definately be using this as soon as I get back to the states.

    Inside Magic 2

    Sponge Balls: I understand the sponge balls and magic have had a very long relationship with eachother, but, I can't stand the use of sponge balls, especially in street magic. They just aren't natural. When have you ever seen a sponge ball other than on a clowns nose. This trick is still very well presented. Brad has a great way of bringing them into the spectators reality, but i just can't stand sponge balls.

    Push-in Sponge Vanish: See 'Sponge Balls.'

    Biddle Trick: This effect is a money maker (by money I mean spectator amazement of course). Just an awesome effect period.

    Lightning Coin Vanish: Looks great, very cool effect. I just can't see myself using it, I feel as though it's just not practical enough for me. Visually stunning though.

    Slydini Cigarette Restoration: I am a smoker (I know, bad me) and am usually around a lot of smokers whether it is in the bar or just on a smoke break (smoke breaks are the backbone of the army). I saw this effect on the trailer for IM and I'm not going to lie, it is the main reason I bought the DVD. Beautifully presented by Brad.

    I would have to tell anyone new to magic that this DVD along with HTDSM, Crash Course 1, 2, Ninja 1, and Ninja2 are an ABSOLUTE MUST! Brad not only teaches the effect along with some presentation ideas, but, he also gives you the tools and advice needed to work out your own presentation methods/styles, I mean, who would want an army of little robot clones of themselves running around out there anyway? Not me, that's for sure, robots scare the [BLANK] out of me. With clear concise instructions Brad goes through each effect in painstaking detail to ensure that all of your bases are covered (I wish any of the math teachers I ever had back in school were even half as good a teacher as Brad is, I probably would have passed at least a test). I would have to go with an 8 out of 10 (stars, thumbs up, unicorns, whatever you wish to imagine really).