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He walked into the studio. 30 minutes later our jaws were on the floor.

This man's knowledge and ability is unparalleled.

DaOrtiz has a certain amount of material. Some of it he’s released.

But there is more he keeps to himself, much more.

After many talks back and forth, we convinced him to part with a bit of it, allowing you to get inside this new vault for a look around.

7 unique effects that can be performed by themselves, or strung together into a hit making routine.

You'll learn how to

  • • Precisely predict a single card handed to you under the table. 

  • • Reveal a card at any random number, without a stack or force. 

  • • Have 3 spectators freely stop at their thought of cards. 

  • • Match the position of a thought of card in 2 shuffled decks.

  • • Produce a freely chosen card in any manner they choose. 

  • • + Much much more... 

It's not the particular method of the effect that makes his performance so strong. But these simple tricks are filled with nuances that convert them into miracles

Dani's tips of forcing and timing are worth the price of the project alone. 

As a student of Juan Tamariz, Dani's attitude to card magic has been shaped extensively... because of this he's 5 steps ahead of you at any given moment, which is a huge part of the secret to his performance. 

These are tricks that you never knew existed. Now you'll know HOW


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  1. Summary

    1. These are seven truly great tricks.
    2. Dani's performance is extremely entertaining.
    3. His skill at misdirection and "spectator management" is great and interesting, even if it is not particularly easy to emulate.

    These very substantial PROs are, however, conditional. The conditions are these CONS:

    1. You cannot do more than one or two of these tricks unless you are either (a) very proficient with culling, perfect double-push-offs, timing forces, gambler's cop, and a few other moves or (b) you know enough to substitute less difficult, equivalent sleights AND you are wiling to accept the diminution of the tricks' effectiveness due to such substitutions. (Sometimes no substitution is possible -- or, more likely, I don't know enough...) The ad copy that says tips on timing and forces alone are worth the price is simply nuts. First, these "two" things are really one (the timing force); second, the brief comments he makes about this (repeatedly, I admit) are the same initial comments everyone makes about the timing force.
    2. If you do not have an extremely big personality, many of the tricks will be (a) harder to pull off, (b) less amazing (because the subtleties will seem a lot less subtle), and/or (c) more prone to failure.
    3. You have to work much harder than you should to get the benefit of the download, because the performances are all done together and the explanations follow all together.
    4. Continuing on this point -- moreover, two of the explanations (#5 and #6) are reversed, so that, even if you make a little key that you can use to move back and forth between each trick's performance and its explanation, this will cause you 5-10 minutes of confusion and extra work!
    5. For English-speakers, while Dani's somewhat broken English makes him even more charming and funny (is this diminished when he performs in Spanish with a Spanish-speaking audience? I wonder...), the explanations are sometimes difficult to follow and/or too rushed. This is especially true with the last (amazing) effect. It uses gaffs, the exact nature and use of which, are not well explained. Again, you can figure it out, but it requires much more work than should be necessary -- particularly at this price.

    BOTTOM LINE: For skilled and successfully working professional card folks, this should be very good (although I wonder how many of them want to spend $35 on seven effects). For casual hobbyists, it may be inspirational or just entertaining -- at too high a cost in my view. (I will do one, maybe two, of these tricks.)
  2. Summary

    Mon premier download acheté et je n'ai vraiment pas était déçu. De très bon tour avec 1 ou 2 assez difficile. Les tours sont très bien expliqués et on ressent la passion et la sympathie de Dani.

    My first download purchased and I really was not disappointed. Very good turn with 1 or 2 quite difficult. The tours are very well explained and you can feel the passion and sympathy of Dani.
  3. Summary

    Well, I liked the methods and the incredible original way DaOrtiz performs magic. Why 3 stars? The tricks for me are not really useful, they are simple but the majority needs time force that for me is something that obviusly needs ability, but also a lot of luck. At The same time the are some parts difficult to understand. Dani DaOrtiz it is clearly a original and clever magician, but this content is really not worth for me!
  4. Summary

    Incredible and strong tricks, I really enjoyed them, especially the semi-automatic one. Give Dani my thanks!
  5. Summary

    I absolutely like this pacage, I see how Daortiz made his version of the tricks, but, I wanted to say, that sometimes the explanation is misunderstandig. I gave 4 stars, not 3 2 or ever 1 or 0, Because this product is something really good, also for the price! I hope you guys buy the package, because even in the 4° trick, where I actually lose the point, you just need another review
  6. Summary

    Finally good and possible stuff on this website. Dani is one of the best magician on the planet, all of this tricks, especially the number 13 is a magician fooler!
  7. Summary

    Dani is my new favorite. His teaching is unbelievable. Watching Bobby's reaction to the effects are classic. I bet that was so fun sitting beside him. The stuff he teaches isn't knuckle busting. There will be practice, of course. Every effect is a magician fooler. If you want card effects that you will use, this is it. 13 is my favorite. Thanks Ellusionist, and thank you Dani. After I purchased this I got a bunch more of Dani's effects. He has 3 really good ones on Art of Magic. And several more on Penguin Magic. But ELLUSIONIST is still by far the best Magic site anywhere. I have learned so much from them. Keep putting killer effects out. I have a new credit card ready to be maxed out. I don't care!
  8. Summary

    I absolutely love this!

    Full of strong yet easy to master effects I feel anyone from a novice to a working professional will take something away from.

    Dani DaOrtiz is a master at what he does and in the performance video you get to see why, he is full of his usual character, charisma and charm.

    Dani teaches everything extremely well and leaves no stone unturned, not only explaining each move and sleight but the reasons behind them which just shows how incredible his mind is and not only gives you a greater understanding of the effect but a greater understanding of magic as well.

    The whole thing is shot brilliantly, clearly and as if you are actually sat across the table from Dani in a private session with him.

    I can't recommend Inside The Vault enough and it is absolutely worth EVERY single penny.
  9. Summary

    Absolutely amazing. I enjoy a lot just watching Dani performing and explaining tricks. Buy it!
  10. Summary

    Amazing tricks and techniques, but hard to understand the instructions given on some tricks. Got to watch it a couple of times.