Ellusionist ships to international locations

Ellusionist ships to international locations all over the map.

**Shipping charges and or methods are subject to change. Changes to method of shipment and or cost of shipping may need to be made after your order is placed. If your shipping prices need to be adjusted or methods need to be changed, your order will not ship until we contact you to discuss your options and no additional charges will be made without your permission. We apologize for any inconvenience.

International orders make up an extremely large portion of Ellusionist's clientele. With regular shipments across the globe, Ellusionist is well equipped to ensure that your purchase arrives to your door swiftly and safely.

International Customers may have customs or duty charges applied to their shipments. Please note that these charges are applied by your country's government. The amounts of the charges are also determined by your country's government. It is up to every international customer to pay these additional charges. You will have to contact your country's Customs office to get estimates on the amounts you will have to pay.

Every day, Ellusionist ships to most major countries across all continents:

The United Kingdom
South Africa
& many, many more...

Rest assured that once your order is processed, it will immediately be shipped via the mailing method of your choice. You're in good hands from the moment you place the order.

Note: We cannot ship to some countries due to customs and local laws. We apologize for any inconvenience if your country is not available in our order page.

Not in the USA? No problem.

Ellusionist ships via USPS-- a reliable, safe shipping method that takes anywhere from


Usual Delivery times for USPS International:

Priority International - 6-10 Business Days
First Class International - 1-2 weeks

Intl First class and Intl Priority mail services are not guaranteed and can take up to 6-8 weeks. However, WE USUALLY SEE DELIVERY TIMES take about 1-2 weeks for delivery for First Class International, but our mean lawyer makes us say 6-8 weeks just in case. All duties and taxes are to be paid by you, we are not responsible for these fees, sorry!!

If you need a more detailed view of rates and times, please see: USPS Postal Rate Calculator


This is guaranteed up to customs, after that it is out of our hands…literally. Fortunately UPS has a way of pushing these through to you quickly!! All duties and taxes are to be paid by you, we are not responsible for these fees, sorry!! Please note, if the shipping address provided does not match the UPS accepted address, your shipment may be subject to a $10 address change fee from UPS.

1-3 Business Days Delivery by end of day UPS Worldwide Saver
2-5 Business Days Delivery by end of day UPS Worldwide Expedited
2-10 Business Days Delivery by end of day UPS Ground to Canada (Canada Only)

For faster service choose "UPS" which takes about 4-6 days and allows you to track your package. It's safer and faster which is why we recommend it.

Shop early to allow plenty of time for delivery.

International orders are shipped from our warehouse during business hours, Monday through Friday. No shipping on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. If you provided an accurate email address, you will be notified immediately when your order ships.

We are obligated by law to put the cost on the outside of the package, so be aware that you may be charged duties and taxes when the package enters your country. As these fees are unavoidable in some countries, Ellusionist cannot be held responsible if these expenses should apply to your resident country.

Also note that your credit card will convert any currency for you when purchasing, but if the exchange rate is different, the amount may be greater or less than the original price. Some credit card companies may request a charge for converting the money for you — please check with your credit card company regarding this possibility.

Can I send a money order/postal order?

Yes, but it must be for the correct total AND in USA funds. No other currency can be accepted - sorry.

Can I send USA cash?

Yes, but if you do that be sure it is wrapped tightly and sent via a reliable shipping method -- Ellusionist cannot be responsible for payments that do not arrive to our offices.

Can I wire payment?

No. Ellusionist does not accept wire transfers as a method of payment.

What about Switch cards from the UK or foreign credit cards?

The best way to find out if a card works is to take it through our system and TRY it. If it is accepted then it works! There are so many different credit cards in the world that we cannot list them all here. Try it and see. We definitely accept Visa, MC, American Express and Discover.

Is the site secure?

YES. We insist on state of the art 256-bit encryption for all our transactions. Your information is always secure and we take privacy very seriously. Your information is never sold nor shared with third parties.

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International: 1.415.459.4945

Questions? Simply submit a ticket in our eSupport Area and get an answer within hours, or an answer from our online database immediately.