Invisible Decks

Invisible Decks

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  • Cohort Red Invisible Deck — Out of stock.
  • Hellions V4 Invisible Deck — Out of stock.
  • Killer Bees V2 Invisible Deck — Out of stock.
  • Kittens Blue Invisible Deck ($9.95)
  • Masters Legacy Invisible Deck — Out of stock.
  • Black Tiger Invisible Deck — Out of stock.
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A must-have gaffed deck for every magician.


The invisible deck has been owned, used & loved by every magician... ever.


As a beginner, it's often one of the first gimmicks you're recommended to buy - because it's so easy.


Later on down the line, as a pro, magicians drift back to the invisible deck for their shows, TV spots and showreels. It never fails to get huge reactions.


Ellusionist has taken 6 of our favorite deck designs and made custom invisible decks, handmade and quality controlled at our gimmick factory in Kentucky, USA.


With this gaffed-deck, you'll be able to have ANY card named appear face-down, in a face-up deck. It's completely self-working.


Invisible decks are a staple of every magician's repertoire... and they always will be. 


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