Isolated by Kieron Johnson

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Object to impossible bottle is THE most talked about trick in magic. It sends audiences spinning.

Dynamo did it with a phone, Jamie Grant became a staple of Ripley’s Believe it or not by putting a deck inside a bottle. Now Kieron Johnson is changing the industry by putting a signed rubiks cube in bottle.

We’ll repeat that again. A spectator’s SIGNED rubiks cube to impossible bottle. 

Even with the power of 10,000 suns, it cannot be taken out. Let them shake, rattle or spin it to their heart’s content. It’s trapped for good.

“Very direct and practical. I can’t wait to use it in my show!” - Henry Harrius 

"Kieron has evolved the cube in bottle effect to create a powerful weapon in cube magic." - Takamiz Usui

Like Isolated will, Cube magic is taking the world by storm lately, appearing on every major TV Talent show in some form or another. The hard part is finding one that hasn’t gone viral. 

Audiences know how difficult solving a cube is, so instant solves are impressive… but their cube appearing trapped in a small glass jar is literally MAGIC.

In over 2 hours of extensive explanations you’ll learn Kieron’s many ways of fitting this easily into a routine. A true worker, he performs this multiple times at every walk-around gig to every single stage appearance. 

The cube gets into the bottle in seconds and is 100% examinable. 




“Isolated is a perfect example of Kieron’s deviously creative and yet obviously practical approach to performing with a Rubik’s Cube.” - Karl Hein

In this jam-packed project you'll be able to take your first leap into the world of cube magic. Or for seasoned pros, finish with a climax that isn't just impressive, it's impossible. 

We didn’t believe it, until we saw it.

Become a cube convert.

Get ISOLATED today.

DISCLAIMER: Kieron Johnson reserves all TV performance rights to this trick. If you'd like to perform it on TV, please contact him directly. 


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  1. Paul

    (Long review but need to know information)

    I’m no Feliks Zemdegs (look him up) or Shin Lim but I’ve been solving Rubik’s Cubes and doing card magic for years. I can typically solve a cube somewhere between 30s and 1min. And I’m no stranger to card magic so....When I saw this - had to have it. Here’s my reviews and honest opinions/potential issues:

    1) Both gimmicks are extremely well made, devilishly clever, undetectable, examinable, and amazing. I was astounded by the method and thought it was pure genius. You will receive two gimmick cubes and two normal cubes. There is literally no difference between any of them. So good you could actually “give it away” at the end of the routine as a souvenir BUT you’d have to buy another one (refill) to perform it again. If you’re a working magician and make good money this would be an awesome souvenir to give away for weddings, birthdays, or corporate events. I’d like to have a couple extra gimmicks on hand just for this - seems odd that I’d keep a signed cube in a jar that has someone else’s signature on it lol. I hope ellusionist offers refills in the future for a fair price. ($25-$35?)

    2) I’m not pleased with KJ’s patter/presentation. His patter fits his style not mine and I’ve simply had to rework the routine from scratch and provide my own motivation/misdirection to fit “me” so that I’m able to work it into my routines. For example I don’t wear a coat with pockets, however he does provide a paper bag (you could use your own bag/box/etc) as a way to achieve the desired effect without having to wear a blazer/sport coat. This makes this primarily a table routine for me as there is a need to ditch something on the off beat and I typically don’t have a pocket big enough to ditch to for this effect. If you want to do this strolling or walk’ll need pockets.

    3) No you do not need to “know” how to solve the cube as KJ provides a very simple and easy to learn algorithm for you to use to scramble and solve the cube....a false shuffle if you will....HOWEVER....if you slip up while practicing or performing (and you will)....You will need to know how to solve the cube to reset. ALL of the cubes provided are all real cubes! so some experience would be a plus. You will not be able to peel off stickers like you did when you were a kid. The gaffed cube is not gaffed to instantly solve is gaffed in a different way to achieve the in-jar production. Despite being gaffed in a unique way it still works like a real cube, can be handled, examined, etc and no one will ever detect it’s that good. But if you mishandle the will need to know how to solve it. One of the included routines does require you to know how to solve.

    4) The provided cubes are semi-good quality speed cubes. Very comparable to some of the speed cubes I own. They rotate very fast. The only thing I don’t like is they all have stickers. When I received mine some of the stickers were sorta peeling up on the corners (probably from the heat in the mail) and I had to rub them down. I hope to see a Version 2 in the future without stickers...rather colored squares. They would last longer in my opinion. I believe that if I use this as much as I intend to the stickers will become worn out over time requiring new stickers or replacement cubes like some of my other personal cubes I’ve used in the past. Think of your new deck of cards after you’ve handled them for several weeks and how they begin to show age. Well....This would cause a discrepancy with the final revelation “when” the cubes begin to age. So wash your hands and don’t let your kids play with them.

    5) One awesome thing is KJ provides a few extra things that aren’t exactly necessary or even part of the routine but cool to have. These items were included to help you be creative and possibly come up with some of your own routines. I’m excited to experiment with this idea.

    6) The Reset. I figured out how to reset quicker. KJ demonstrates quite the process to reset that may be longer than the 30 seconds advertised and someone is gonna screw their cube up trying it. If you purchase this effect and have read this you’ll just need a stronger “thingy” and it resets A LOT quicker. I used a stronger “thingy” and with my finger pulled down on the cube and the gaff reset without having to shove any kind of tool inside.

    7) I rated 4/5 because of the foreseeable issue of sticker/cube replacement once they start to show age. One gaff won’t match the other at some point....1 month....1 year.....who knows? Depends on how much you use the cubes. From my experience with sticker cubes....the more you handle them....the stickers will start to show wear around the edges. Also you will need to make an additional purchase before performing if you don’t already have one (pk ring). It should be included or mentioned before hand.
  2. Summary

    Very Happy with the product, however if you don't have a PK ring (Which is my case) you'll have to plan for an extra (not low) cost to make it work cleanly. An other method is offered on the trailer but it's not really excited and i don't really see myself wearing a plaster for important gig.
  3. Summary

    I wanted to update my review:

    Not only is it worth every penny - now I am getting paid by it! I just sold my first rubik's cube in a bottle and made $50 off of it! If you are a working magician, and haven't considered the profit you can make from this trick, you are not thinking about how to put your leverage to work. Thank you Ellusionist!