JackBlack by Geraint Clarke

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JackBlack is a devastatingly fair, handsfree Blackjack demonstration.

You can control who wins or loses without ever touching the deck.... and the spectator can shuffle multiple times.

Fairly dealing you or themselves either winning or losing hands.

You control luck.

- Handsfree
- Normal Deck
- No Deck Switches
- Spectator Shuffles

However, This isn't a surefire trick that you can perform over and over again, with the same boring outcome.

The great thing about this, is that it never fails, but double Blackjack is one of the best outcomes.

In this download Geraint will talk you through his presentation to ensure the odds of hitting Blackjack are significantly stacked in your favor, and how to recover the trick if they fairly deal themselves a different hand.

He will also teach you his subtleties on how to predict exactly what card they'll need to Win. Confirming you knew what they would deal all along.

Developed over years of real-world performance, we welcome you to the first of the 'Park Cottage Sessions'. 

This is JackBlack.

Learn The Secret TODAY.

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  1. Summary

    i bought this trick after looking at the reviews online and it looked really amazing... at first. something they tell you in the trailer is that getting black jack twice in a row was the best case, and it is also true that the odds are against you getting black jack more then getting just a winning hand. more often then not the winner will end up with 20. it is true that you control the luck, but there are so many things that the spectator can do to ruin the trick. especially if they shuffle more then once, oh and it has to be an overhand shuffle which i found that a lot of spectators actually don't know how to do. furthermore, the trick can only be done twice, honestly would be more entertaining to play black jack lol. Geraint is a brilliant magician and this is a clever idea, but i am somewhat disappointed with how the trick works. i wouldn't recommend this, unless you just need to know how it is done
  2. Summary

    Really cool effect. BUT, (without giving it away) unfortunately you cannot control how your spectator shuffles.
    This is why 4 stars.
  3. Summary

    Well, its not bad, but it could be better... the spectator doesn't hit a black jack every time - but thats the only real problem
  4. Summary

    Very nice trick and makes fun to perform
  5. Summary

    One of my favorite tricks to do for people. The teaching is real thorough and a great price as well. The only downside is that if the spectator messes up the shuffle, then the trick will not work. i do the trick where I shuffle, but they deal, and it still gets great reactions! Highly recommended.
  6. Summary

    This is a really good trick when you are performing for a big group. Because anybody can deal cards ( but just be careful) the way they shuffle make sure they can over hand shuffle then you are in the green. Geraint Clarke is a very good teacher with humor.
  7. Summary

    This was my first ever purchase with Ellusionist! I have skimmed the site for months and have plenty of tricks I have been interested in but this one stuck out to me more than any others that I have looked at before.

    I love any sort of trick where the spectator is very much in control of the magic as I feel it helps really bring them in and make them feel even more amazed than if you are presenting a trick to them. As I have never downloaded anything from Ellusionist before I didn't know what to expect but I was very happy with the length of the video as it thoroughly goes into detail of how to set the trick up and also how to handle situations that may arise on how the cards are dealt out. Very well put together and I'm sure I will be buying more tricks soon.
  8. Summary

    I happened to be at a casino for a few days when this email for this download was received. I thought his routine was smooth and had a rough idea of how it may be done only because I knew what the goal was and I paid way to much attention to the deck manipulation.

    I did not fully get the deck layout, of course, and he deserved to get paid for developing this product for release.

    You won't be disappointed in buying this. I immediately took a deck with me to dinner, outside of the casino, and began explaining to my friends what they need to know to get the high hand at blackjack.

    Well, it works, first pass they dealt me a Blackjack and then doing it again on more time leaving they dealt me the 20 and I ended with the alternate , great ending that you are provided and my friends were just amazed.
    It is well thought out, you can end it how you like as he shows you a few ways and for Gods sake everyone buy this from this magician as he deserves it , he priced it right and Geraint you can get a different color of socks. Ha ! Just kidding. Really Geraint WELL DONE and you have now a new follower to see what you produce next. Thanks.
  9. Summary

    They shuffle, they deal, doesn't matter. Great principle and a great effect. Self working but still with a jazz feel. But it now, you will use this one.
  10. Summary

    I don't usually buy downloads but when I saw the trailer for this I was intrigued.

    I watched the download and it's fantastic! Taught very well and the method is genius - it all makes sense.

    Really looking forward to adding this to my repertoire and working it in the real world.